prpri Facility of DPD to FCL consignments under Advance filed Bills of Entry Facility of DPD to FCL consignments under Advance filed Bills of Entry

Office of Principal Commissioner of Customs (NS-III), Mumbai Zone-II
JNCH, Nhava Sheva, Maharashtra – 400707

File No. S/22-Gen-402/2017-18/AM(I)/JNCH

Dated: 15.07.2021


Subject: Enhancing Direct Port Delivery (DPD) by general in principle granting of the facility of DPD to the FCL consignments under Advance filed Bills of Entry which are fully facilitated (do not require assessment and/or examination).

Attention of the Importers, Custom Brokers, Terminals, Shipping lines, Container Freight Stations, Officers of JNCH and all other stake holders is invited to the Direct Port Delivery (DPD) scheme that has been assisting importers with reduced logistics costs and dwell time for delivery. The DPD scheme was launched in 2008. After introduction of risk management system facilitation centre at Nhava Sheva in December 2016 and steps taken, its usage increased. The scheme aims to deliver customs cleared import cargo to importer directly at Port-Terminal gate by quick completion of border control procedures/grant of Customs out of charge. The goods can go directly to the factory/warehouse, however if importer prefers, they can be stored at the CFS.

2. In para 3.5 of Circular No. 14/2021-Cus dated 07.07.2021, the CBIC, in partial amendment of Circular No. 29/2019-Cus dated 05.09.2019 (JNCH Public Notice no. 93/2019 dated 11.10.2019) has conveyed that, with effect from 15.07.2021, as a general principle, all the advance bills of entry which are fully-facilitated (do not require assessment and/or examination) would be granted the facility of DPD and that such facility would be over and above the present system of entity based DPD extended to AEO clients. To take this forward, the following aspects are communicated:

3.1 The AEO clients presently registered as DPD importers shall continue to avail DPD (DPD-DPD or preferred CFS) in terms of Public Notice Nos. 161/2016 dated 28.11.2016, 180/2016 dated 19.12.2016 and the various other decisions communicated through Public Notices till Public Notice No. 13/2020 dated 23.01.2020, or minutes of PTFC or CCFC meetings, from time to time. AEO clients seeking registration as DPD importers have to follow the procedure indicated in paras 5.1 – 5.3 below and do not require a permission letter from JNCH. For AEO clients, the facility of DPD shall continue to be extended to such FCL consignments which have been either fully facilitated or not subjected to examination.

3.2 For non-AEO clients presently registered as DPD importers, the facility of DPD shall be available to such FCL consignments under Advance filed Bills of Entry which have been fully facilitated (do not require assessment and/or examination). Such importers are advised to apply for AEO programme.

4. Further, for all non-AEO clients, as a general principle, all the advance filed fully facilitated bills of entry (for FCL containers) are hereby granted/permitted facility of DPD. No separate permission letter from JNCH would be issued for this.

To avail DPD facility, such entity (IEC holder), whose FCL consignment under an advance filed bill of entry is fully facilitated (i.e. does not require assessment and/or examination), has to take registration as per the procedure indicated in paras 5.1 – 5.3 below.

5.1 DPD registration is to be taken with JN Port Container Terminal (JNPCT) on website ( homepage under “Quick Link” and a unique DPD code obtained.

5.2 Upon registration, JNPCT will allot a unique DPD code to the entity and convey it with necessary details and documents to partner Terminals (GTI/NSICT/NSIGT/BMCT) who would suo-moto also register such DPD importer (on the basis of KYC already conducted by JNPCT) and open the PD account for them. Any further information would be obtained by a Terminal through email. Every Terminal shall through email intimate registration particulars IEC, Importer name, email id, mobile No. (and particulars of PD Account, if any), with reference to the unique DPD code to the DPD entity and endorse this communication to the Customs at email id “”. The IEC holders unique DPD code would be used by every stakeholder for extending availment of DPD (Public Notice 125/2018 dated 21.08.2018 refers).

5.3 An Import Advance List (IAL) is prepared and submitted by Shipping Lines to the Port-Terminals. For enabling DPD, it needs to include relevant information. To make this information available with clarity to Port-Terminals, Shipping Lines, CFSs, Importers and Custom Brokers etc. on how the DPD container would be stacked upon unloading and then moved, the registered DPD entity needs to make “One Time Default Intimation” (OTDI).

The OTDI online module of Nhava Sheva Customs is described in Public Notice No. 13/2020 dated 23.01.2020. The registered DPD importer, based on its logistics preferences records the option it exercises of DPD-DPD or preferred CFS in the OTDI module which stakeholders take into account for all relevant FCL imports made by the registered DPD entity. The option exercised can also be changed through the OTDI module itself, however this must be done at least 72 hours prior to arrival of vessel for that change to take effect.

5.4 The other general procedures adopted for purposes of DPD remain as indicated in para 3.1 above.

6. To optimize/aid in the ground handling in stacking at Terminals for movement, the ICEGATE shall be modifying the electronic message being sent to the Port-Terminals, Custodians etc. on arrival of the cargo, to additionally flag, at the stage of Entry Inward, the containers granted (or ready for) DPD along with the Importer’s IEC and, where applicable, indicating the requirement of scanning of specific containers. A similar message would be sent by ICEGATE to the importer/Custom Broker.

7. The relevant importers (not yet registered with JNPCT) and their authorized Custom Brokers, if any, are requested to initiate the steps for availing the facility of DPD. The cooperation of Custom Brokers, Terminals, Shipping Lines, CFSs is requested.

8. The Nodal Officer from Customs for tracking the receipts of email from the Terminals of the registrations made by them, updating in the backend database of the OTDI module, and coordinating for resolving any issues, is Shri Dhirendra Mani Tripathi, Additional Commissioner, NS-III (email:, Tel No. 8506058883).

9. In respect of all actions required to be taken by Customs, this Public Notice shall serve as a Standing Order for officers and staff of JNCH.

(S. K. Vimalanathan)
Pr. Commissioner of Customs (NS-III)

Copy via website to:

1. Principal Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, Nhava Sheva.

2. Chairman, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.

3. Principal Commissioner/Commissioner of Customs, NS-G / I / II / IV / V.

4. Terminals – JNPCT / GTI / NSICT / NSIGT / BMCT.

5. CSLA, MANSA and all shipping lines; CFSAI and all CFSs with Nhava Sheva Customs.


7. All Partner Government Agencies at Nhava Sheva.

8. FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, PHDCC, AIIEA, FIEO, other Trade Associations, other Chambers of Commerce.

9. All Officers/ Staff in JNCH.

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