CBI in Mumbai CBI conducted a large-scale operation on Tuesday at official and residential premises of 14 Customs officials and a CHA. As per the CBI Release, it was alleged that Customs officials of different ranks from Additional Commissioner to Preventive Officer were collecting illegal gratification from a particular Custom House Agent (CHA). The illegal gratification was in the form of cash, electronic gadgets viz. laptops, mobile phones, air-conditioners etc., air tickets for domestic and international travel as well as travel expenses etc.

The acts on the part of the public servants allegedly established a conspiracy that was hatched between the said public servants and the CHA, who is allegedly a habitual bribe giver. As a part of this conspiracy, the public servants had extended pecuniary advantage to the CHA in various matters after receiving bribe and other considerations.

Searches are still on at the residence and office premises of 14 public servants and also the residence & office premises of the CHA. Incriminating documents and other tangible evidence seized during searches are being scrutinized for further investigation.

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