> AEO is a Trade Facilitation Scheme for ease of doing business in light of international development

> Holder of this Certificate is Entitled for Privilege, Benefits, Exemption and Relaxation on account of import and export

> This certificate is issued for Particular Period after that to be renewed.

> This scheme is based on principle of sharing role and responsibility of customs with trade and industry and objective is to delink payment and clearance, to accept paperless declaration, increases efficiency, self-certification, earliest refund and drawback, request based examination/inspection

> AEO Program provides businesses with an Internationally Recognized Status as a “Secure Trader & Reliable Trading Partner

Who is Entitled to get AEO benefits?

  1. Importers.

2. Exporters.

3. Custodians, Warehouse providers, Logistics Providers, CHAs, etc.

Types of AEO

Types of AEO

Benefits of AEO Scheme

Some of the Attractive Features and Benefits AEO Certification are mentioned in the below Table.

Benefits of AEO Scheme

Eligibility Criteria for AEO scheme

No difficult condition is to be fulfilled. Main condition is that no case of fraud, etc of evasion of duty, etc should be booked against the party. Genuine parties are always welcome. And this Government scheme indicates that AEO parties must have robust internal checks and balances for security of goods, data, records security, professional grade management control and supervision mechanisms, etc so that fraud does not take place.

Eligibility Criteria for AEO scheme

Eligibility Coverage

Procedure to Get AEO Certificate

The Procedure for applying for AEO Certification and its related Forms are available in the following Circulars

Procedure to Get AEO CetificateMore Details can be viewed @ YouTube:


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Author : SN Panigrahi, GST Consultant, Practitioner, Corporate Trainer & Author

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