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No. WSU/10(1)2011/Changes in MAP/24122

Date: 19 JAN 2018


All Addl. CPFCs (Zones)
All RPFCs- In charge of
Regional Of.

Sub: Digitization of existing Form No. 9

Ref: 1) Head Office circular of even number dated 18.09.2017 on ‘Discontinuance of Form-9 in physical form’ (placed at SI. No. 318 on office order/circulars’ for 2017-18)

2) IS Division’s circular No. NDC/APPLDEV/2017/e-Form9/13901 dated 15.11.2017 (placed at SI. No. 470 on office order/circulars’ for 2017-18)


In continuation to the above referred circulars, it has been decided to digitize existing Form No. 9 documents prior to 1st April, 2012.

Accordingly, the following steps are to be followed to digitize physical Form No. 9:-

1) Scanning of physical Form No. 9 and upload the same in the system

2) Approval of scanned copy of Form No. 9

3) Approval of member data available in the system

4) Archiving the scanned Form-9 duly indexed for reference.

Scanning of physical Form No. 9 and upload the same in the system:

A functionality has been devised to upload scanned copy of the Form No. 9 documents available in the field offices. This task is a one time activity. Scanning of documents would be done by Dealing Assistants as they are the sole custodians of Form- 9 documents. Scanned documents in zip format, would be uploaded using Establishment>>Transaction>>Form-9 SCANNED COPY functionality in UPLOAD role.

Staff may be provided training as per the requirements of the office with from EDP staff and ANOCs. Arrangements for adequate number of PCs support along with the scanners must be done by the field offices to handle this work.

Utilization chart may be prepared for each PC with Scanner in advance. Different folders for each Dealing Assistant may be made in group folder so that Dealing Assistants will save scanned documents in the specified location.

Approval of scanned copy of Form- 9

A functionality has be provided at Establishment>>Masters>>SCANNED FORM9 FOR APPROVAL at DA-Accounts. DA initiates the task and AO (Acnts) will approve the same once scanned copy is found cor with respect to physical Form9 copy.

Approval of member data available in the system

It is further to inform that a functionality to generate e-Form 9 for the establishments/ members joining EPF Scheme on or after 1st October 2017 has been provided in the EPFO application software vide version No. 5.68 dated 22.09.2017.

This facility has been extended to generate e-Form-9 for the members/Establishments joined on or after 151 April 2012 in the EPF application software vide circular No. NOC/APPLDEV/2017/e­Form 9 date 15.11.2017.

It is further decided that the system will generate the e-Form No. 9 for all establishments/ members available in EPFO database prior to Oct 2017 once member details are AO Accounts. In other words, the functionality to approve e-Form 9 data i.e. “Approve e-Form 9 data (April 2012 to Sep 2017)” has be renamed as “Approve Form 9 prior to October 2017” along with necessary changes in the logic.

Accordingly, e-Form 9 generation functionality has also been renamed as “Generate e­Form 9 prior to October, 2017.”‘

Archiving the scanned Form 9 duly indexed for reference

Once the scanning and approval of data is completed, the physical Form 9 pertaining to those establishments may be archived and stored in the record room/go-down, duly indexed for easy retrieval, in case of requirement for dealing with any legal/vigilance is.sues.

Manual for operation of above said functionalities is enclosed herewith.

Yours faithfully,

Encl: As above

(Manish Gupta)

Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer

Copy to:

1) PS to CPFC for information

2) RPFC (NOC) for web upload.

(IS Division)
Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
Ministry of Labour
Govt. Of India

Instruction Manual for

E-Form 9


S. No. Date of Submission/ Change Description Document Version No. TEAM
1. 05-01-2018 Draft version for review 1.01 Smt. Shanthi Sivaram, DD(IS), NDC

Sh. Vikram Dattari, AD(IS), NDC

Sh. Arun Kumar, AD(IS), NDC


Sh. Prince, DPA

E-Form9 (Prior to October 2017) Functionality in EPFO Application

Competent authority provided directions to IS division to extend the facility of digitising the Form-9. Accordingly, IS division has introduced the following new functionalities

1. Approve Form9 Data(Prior to October 2017)

2. Generate Eform9(Prior to October 2017)

3. Form9 Scanned Copy Upload

4. Scanned Form9 For Approval/View

1. Approve Form9 DATA(Prior to October 2017)

This functionality is two level functionality. DA-Accounts intiates the task after through checking. He is having option to un-select the member data in case it is found incorrect/invalid. In case new members are required to be added, members may be added through the existing functionalities and the same may be approved through the said functionality to include the same for E-form9. Tak will flow to AO-Accounts for approval.

2. Generate Eform9(Prior to October 2017)

Separate functionality is given for generation of E-form for the members/ establishments joined Prior to October 2017. Only data approved by AO- Accounts, will be viewed through this functionality.

3. Form9 Scanned Copy Upload

The DA Accounts in the section will scan all the Form-9 available and hand over the scanned document as per the instruction to EDP for upload into the EPFO Application software.

4. Scanned Form9 For Approval/View

The Scanned copy of Form9 uploaded by EDP can be fetched form this function for submission to the next level (AO Accounts) for approval.

APPROVE FORM9 DATA (Prior to October 2017)

> DA Accounts initiating the selection of Members

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