prpri Have you registered a new company recently? Beware of this fraud Have you registered a new company recently? Beware of this fraud

Manoj Saxena, a fresh graduate decides to start his own company in India. With much enthusiasm he submitted all the documents required for the company to be incorporated to MCA. After a few days his company name gets registered and he begins to work.

WIthin a few days of his company getting incorporated, Manoj receives a package saying it’s from MCA and was sent via VPP (Value Payable by Post which is like cash on delivery) and he was asked to pay about Rs.2000 for it. The label mentioned some document names on it so Manoj thought they must be important documents related to his company or something that MCA wants to notify. When he opens the package, it has a book and some papers which are not related in any way to MCA nor to his company and he paid a good amount for receiving this parcel. Manoj is left wondering but he eventually files a complaint with the VPP Scam of Company Registration. He has submitted all the required documents to figure out who actually sent him the package and why.

This is a real incident that is starting to happen to startup companies which have been newly incorporated. MCA publishes all the information about new companies and some fraudsters are taking advantage of this information. They get the Company Registered Office data from the MCA website and send some useless books via VPP asking the new companies to pay Rs. 1800/- to Rs. 2500/- for the parcel. This is what the parcel looks like.

Registered VPP

This link below also gives information on such cases that have happened recently.,-LLP-Registration-and-DIN_73

It is advisable not to accept any such parcel. MCA never sends any parcel after the company registration. In case you receive any parcel, you should reject it and DO NOT pay at all for any of such parcels by VPP.

Note: Manoj Saxena is a fictional name used for this story. But these incidents are completely true and non-fictional.

About Author: CS Jigar Shah is the Founder and Partner at JMJA & Associates LLP. With over 10 years of work experience in various listed companies and conglomerates, CS Jigar Shah has a rich and varied experience in his portfolio.

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  1. Ikki says:

    Thank you for the information. I have got the parcel and rejected it as soon as I saw it for me they were charging 2400 which I did not pay. Please beware my friends.

  2. Amit Salian says:

    Even I am victim of this. Government need to do something to catch hold of such scam masters. Even I paid 2000 to post office guy.

  3. Mac says:

    I incorporated my new plc in may. And today even I got this vpp through speed post and I became a victim. After reading this article I am realising it now.

  4. GK Patil says:

    This is very old practice, which was taking place since long .
    May be in between they would have stopped it and it appears have resumed again.

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