Important Terms in E-Filing of Forms on MCA Portal:

1. Pre-Fill: Pre-fill is functionality in an e-form that is used for filling automatically, the requisite data from the system without repeatedly entering the same. For example, by entering the CIN of the company, the name and registered office address of the company shall automatically be pre-filled by the system without any fresh entry.

2. Attachment: An attachment refers to a document that is sent as an enclosure with an e-form by means of an attached file. The objective of the attachment is to provide details relevant to the e-form for processing. While some attachments are optional, some are mandatory in nature. The attachments to an e-form have to be in Adobe PDF format only and MCA portal has a facility to convert any document format to PDF format. MCA portal does not accept big attachments and the users are advised to keep the attachment size to minimum, for e.g., not exceeding 2.6 MB of total size of Form.

3. Modify: Once the user has done “Check Form” the form gets locked and it cannot be edited. If the user wishes to make any alteration, the form can be overwritten by clicking the “Modify” button. If the user wants to modify the form after pre-scrutiny failure, the user can get the e-form and whichever fields have to be changed only those may be modified by using the “Modify” button.

4. Check Box: It is required to tick out of the two or more boxes, wherever it appears in the e-form.

5. Drop Down Box: Drop down box is a box wherein at the end, a downward arrow is provided. On clicking the arrow various applicable choices appear. One is required to highlight the applicable choice and that will be filled in the box.

6. Text Box: Text box is meant to provide details on the relevant point by the person filling the e-form. Space provided is generally adequate for the text to be written. However, if the space is not sufficient for a particular matter, information can be given in the annexure to the form indicating the same in the box.

7. Country Code: Available in the instruction kit and is sometimes required to be filled in the e-form wherever asked.

8. Stock Exchange Code: All the stock exchanges of the country have been divided into two categories A and B. Listed companies are required to mention the stock exchange where the shares are listed with the help of the code.

9. Check Form: By clicking “Check Form”, the user will be in a position to find out whether the mandatory fields in an e-form are duly filled-in. For example, if the user enters alphabets in “Date of Appointment of Director” field, he/she will be asked to correct the entered information.

10. Pre-Scrutiny: Pre-scrutiny is a functionality that is used for checking whether certain core aspects are properly filled in the e- Form. The user has to make the necessary attachments in PDF format before submitting the e-form for pre scrutiny, and after doing this, the concerned person is asked to provide or affix his or her digital signature.

11. Submit: An e-form can be submitted after it has been digitally signed. The process of submission of an e-form in case of off-line filling is presented below:

(a) User logs in to MCA21 portal and uses e-form upload service

(b) User browses the e-form and clicks on “Submit¨ button

(c) User will be shown errors, if any

(d) If e-form is successfully submitted, user will get confirmation message and thereby lead to the fee payment screen.

Here the digital certificate is validated to ensure that the certificate has not expired and the current status of the same is valid and that the certificate has not been revoked or suspended.

12. Addendum: The user may have to submit some additional supporting documents that are not submitted during the e-form (application) filing but are required for the processing of the e-form. MCA may also ask the applicant to provide some additional documents in support of the e-form already filed so as to expedite the processing of the same. The user can initiate this on their own by checking the track transaction status on My MCA portal or on being notified by MCA through email. Payment of fees is not required for filing an addendum. The supporting documents that the applicant uploads, as an addendum, gets duly associated with the e-form that was submitted earlier with the given Service Request Number (SRN).

The basic process of filing an addendum is presented below:

(a) The applicant enters SRN for which document needs to be attached.

(b) The applicant attaches relevant document and clicks “Submit”.

(c) The system verifies that the status of entered SRN is “In Progress” and the submitted document gets accepted.

Lastly each transaction is identified in a unique manner by Service Request Number, and here after filing in the necessary details, at the end, the system generates this number and the user can check the status of transaction or documents by entering this SRN.

Note: The above-mentioned terminologies are identified and explained Ad Verbatim as per the information provided in the MCA Website, and there can be more than such terms also.


Disclaimer: – The entire contents of this document have been prepared on the basis of relevant provisions and rules and as per the information existing at the time of the preparation, and the views expressed here are personal in nature. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, I assume no responsibility therefore. Users of this information are expected to refer to the relevant existing provisions of applicable Laws. The user of the information agrees that the information is not a professional advice and is subject to change without notice. I assume no responsibility for the consequences of use of such information.

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