Web form AGILE-PRO is required to be filed pursuant to Rule 38(A) of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. The application for incorporation of a company under rule 38 shall be accompanied with AGILE-PRO (INC-35).

Rule 38A:

Application for registration of Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) registration, Employees’ Provident Fund organisation (EPFO) Registration and Profession Tax Registration and Opening of Bank Account.

Please note that issuance of EPFO/ESIC/ Profession Tax (for Maharashtra) and Opening of a bank account has been made mandatory through web form AGILE-PRO. However, applicant may choose whether they want to apply for issuance of GSTIN.

Important fields in Web Form for GSTIN:

If we want to apply for GSTIN then we select “Yes”, thereafter fill the basic information for GSTIN like:-

1. State Jurisdiction,

2. Center Jurisdiction,

3. Whether the Establishment on lease if we select “Yes” then enter lease date from date to date other, Nature of possession of premise,

4. Proof of principle place of business,

5. Whether the building/premises of Establishment is owned or hired, If hired or there is a change in the name of Unit/ownership, please indicate period in case Hired or leased,

6. Option for Composition,

7. Composition declaration shall be auto selected, if composition option opted,

8. Category of registered person,

9. Nature of Business Activity being carried out at above mentioned Premises,

10. One primary business activity shall be selected

11. Exact Nature of work/business work sub category

12. Details of the Goods supplied by the Business HSN code (4 Digit)

13. Details of Services supplied by the Business SAC code (4 Digit)

Details of the Proposed Director / Primary Owner who will act as the Authorised signatory for the purpose of applying GSTIN/EPFO/ ESIC/ Profession Tax and Opening of Bank Account shall be entered here.


1. Details of such proposed director entered here should match the details as entered in the SPICe+ for the same person.

2. Note that the Director / Primary Owners cum Authorised signatory must have valid PAN and he must be Citizen & Resident of India. Either DIN / PAN should be entered. In case DIN is entered, click on Prefill button. PAN and applicant’s full name will be prefilled based on / Primary Owners the information available in the MCA records.

Enter valid Indian mobile number and email Id and click on “Send OTP” button.

Enter the OTP sent on mobile number and email id as entered above and click on Verify button.

Select the bank name in which account number should be opened. Note that integration is in place with Punjab National Bank and ICICI Bank only. All other banks are disabled for selection presently.


1. Proof of Principal place of business:- (Maximum Size of document to be attached)

  • Property Tax Receipt – 100 KB
  • Municipal Khata copy – 100KB
  • Electricity Bill – 100 KB
  • Rent/ Lease Agreement – 2MB
  • Consent Letter – 100KB
  • Rent receipt with NOC (In case of no/expired agreement) – 1MB
  • Legal ownership document – 1MB

2. Attach Photo of proposed director cum authorised signatory.

  • Size of photo shall not exceed 100KB.
  • Only .JPG format is allowed.

3. Attach Photo of proposed director other than authorised signatory.

  • Size of photo shall not exceed 100KB.
  • Only .JPG format is allowed.

4. Proof of appointment of Authorized Signatory for GSTN

  • Letter of Authorisation – 100 KB
  • Copy of Resolution passed by BoD/ Managing Committee and Acceptance letter – 100KB

5. Attach Proof of Identity of Authorized Signatory for opening Bank Account

7. Attach Proof of Address of Authorized Signatory for opening Bank Account

Specimen Signature of Authorized Signatory for EPFO:-

Download the format of Specimen Signature from below mentioned link, Fill the requisite information as applicable, scan it and attach the same in AGILE-PRO form.


After attach the all documents click on check form button to correct the error. After checking the web form click the pre-scrutiny button. If there is no error found, convert into PDF format for affixing the DSC.

Changes/modifications to AGILE-PRO (even after generating pdf and affixing DSCs), can be made up to five times by editing the same web form application which has been saved, generating the updated pdf, affixing DSCs and uploading the same.

The eForm will be filed as linked form with SPICe+

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  1. ANAND BORA says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I have a Querry about Company Incorporation ( Haryana state ROC),

    Please help for clarification for following point in SCN

    ” Select appropriate Branch office and Inspection office in point No. 14 of AGILE-PRO, provide
    clarification, if the same is not applicable/in NON-implemented area of ESIC.”

  2. Akash Gupta says:

    I have got PTEC and PTRC registration certificate from mahagst.gov.in but didn’t got a username and password. Please tell me what to do now?

  3. Israil Ansari says:

    Dear Team

    If we want to apply only for GSTIN and not
    for EPFO and ESIC. Can we do the same as the firm is want to start the manufacturing cum trading
    What should be the format for authorised signatory as the company is under incorporation ?
    Who will give authorisation ?

  4. Jayprakash Tiwari says:

    From which date AGILE PRO is mandatory ? If I have not filed AGILE PRO at the time of formation, what is the solution ?

  5. ANKIT AGARWAL says:

    Dear Mam,
    I have one query in this form. There is no pf office in the district selected as registered office of the company and one messsage coming in agile pro ” District selected is not in the implemented area, please selecet another district. How can we select when the same is fetched from SPice+ Part B

  6. Akhtar says:

    Hi tax guru thanks for such a helpfull article..i would like to know what if i want to open a bank account in some bank other than pnb and icici and is it mandatory to open an account in the bank i mention in agile pro form…how can i change that..thanks

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