Every one of us interested to know the statistics of CA Final elective paper which was introduced in the CA Final New syllabus from the year May 2018 and onwards.

I made an application to the ICAI under the Right to Information Act, 2005 seeking the statistics of number of candidates appeared, passed and the top marks scored in the CA Final elective paper.

I have got the reply from the ICAI and I have reproduced the figures in useful manner for easy reference.

If you need the original RTI reply from the ICAI, please download the same from below link:   Click here to Download

Going by the Top marks secured, it is clear that each and every subject is scoring and the Paper 6A Risk Management seems to be scoring based on the past examinations data.

I’m not here to guide you on which elective you have to choose or which you don’t. In the research I have found the below article published on Quora by CA. Amit Jain, an Indirect Tax faculty, as useful, as it portrays and gives a fair idea on each and every elective paper. If you are confused in choosing the elective paper you may look into it, it may be guide you. https://qr.ae/TJsC5O

Year Paper Appeared Passed  Pass % Top Marks
May-18 6A: Risk Management 140 94 67% 86
6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets 678 371 55% 92
6C: International Taxation 1190 676 57% 93
6D: Economic Laws 446 268 60% 94
6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards 214 104 49% 90
6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study 10 4 40% 81
Nov-18 6A: Risk Management 639 517 81% 95
6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets 1524 764 50% 77
6C: International Taxation 4629 3447 74% 78
6D: Economic Laws 1378 1135 82% 88
6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards 483 198 41% 67
6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study 30 17 57% 65
May-19 6A: Risk Management 1837 1688 92% 95
6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets 1683 1287 76% 91
6C: International Taxation 10654 3343 31% 95
6D: Economic Laws 4811 4063 84% 95
6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards 593 408 69% 99
6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study 22 14 64% 77

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  1. Theja Voona says:

    Created a mess like anything among many students with the article
    Thanks to Raj as if he not asked such query he couldn’t have explained

    1. BVReddy says:

      Clarification with respect to the Exemptions data in the Statistics of CA Final Elective Paper*

      In Paper 6F of May 2018 examination, the top marks scored by the students is 81, but no.of exemptions are “0”

      It should be interpreted as, out of *10* candidates appeared for the examination, *4* candidates are passed (i.e., secured 40 marks or more) and those 4 candidates are *either Passed in that group/ ineligible for exemption*, so the no.of students secured exemption is presented as *0*

      Data of all the students who secured 60 marks or more (which we generally call it as an exemption) are not provided in the above reply.

      As per the rules and regulations of the ICAI, the term *Exemption* means – A candidate who has appeared in all the papers comprised in a group and fails in
      one or more papers comprised in that group but secures a minimum of 60% of the
      marks in any paper or papers of that group shall be eligible for exemption in that
      paper or papers in the next three following examinations.

      Vinay Reddy

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