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CA Priti KachhalNo matter, if could not get success this time,

Stay always dynamic,

Success will come the next time.

Pass & fail are only two aspects of life,

Give complete credit to your failure,

As coming success is the result of facing failure this time.

The only thing is that a little change is desired,

As everything you have gone through,

Just an editing in the study pattern & cool mind-set is required.

With tremendous perseverance & patience,

Now stand up and get ready for the next.

Celebrate moment congratulating & taking blessings and just relax.

You all are the Youth of the Nation,

You have to play a great role in building the nation,

Everything can be achieved, you are the greatest being on this whole creation.

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  1. Anupam Sunny says:

    Very Motivational And Energetic Philospy. Very needful lesson for today’s youth.

    The sentence “Give Full Credit To Our Failure” give us potentional to make our Weakness As Strength.


  2. Debjani says:

    This inspiring poem of yours defines positivity, hopefulness, acceptance and progress. ‘Give complete credit to your failure’ this line written by you has so much meaning in it 🙂 Please keep writing and inspiring lives all around 🙂

  3. SRAVIKUMAR says:

    It is nothing but natural to learn from the failures to be successful, very few times we do, that makes the difference. In any sphere of life personal or professional failure and success is like day and night which is inevitable. The more you live with the law of nature the more you will be merrier to amend youself face all situations including bitterness. That is life.

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