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The Value of 1 Year, Ask A School Student Who Failed in a Class.

The Value Of 6 months, Ask A CA Student Who Failed in one subject.

The Value Of 1 Month, Ask A Mother Who Gave Birth To A Premature Baby.

The Value Of 1 day, Ask a  CA filing return for Tax Audit for Client1

 The Value Of One Hour, Ask The Lovers Who Are Waiting To Meet.

The Value Of 1 Minute, Ask A Person Who Missed The Train.

 The Value Of 1 Second, Ask A Person Who Just Avoided An Dangerous Accident.

 The Value Of One Milli-Second, Ask A Person Who Won A Silver Medal In The Olympics.

Treasure Every Moment That You Have!

Time is like an arrow, once left the bow does not come back. There are 24 Hours in a day just like everyone else. There is no magic to optimize your 24 hours, it’s just planning effectively. Management refers to effective utilization of resources.

1. Identify the importance of time management.

2. Define and assess your challenges.

3. Attain work life balance and handle pressure and stress.

4. Manage multiple demands, tasks, and projects.

5. Identify goals and objectives and prioritize your activities.

6. Meet deadlines by systematizing tasks

7. Handle unexpected demands

8. Save time by using technology.

9. Develop an action plan.

Factors responsible for Loss of Time

1. Improper Planning – Without priority you will find trouble distinguishing between what you like to do and what you should do, to meet your goals.

2. Careless Decisions – A lot of time wasted in careless decisions result in unwanted consequences.

3. Leading – You can’t do all the work at your own, you need to delegate and lead the work in control

4. Conversation – Biggest Time wasters are unwanted calls, uninvited guests, Visitors, etc.

5. Paper Work – Organizing the Paper documents consumes a lot of time

6. Trackless Time – Take care of every minute and the hour will take care of you.

Time Management Techniques

A. Deciding your priorities, find out the Time Spent

1. Task urgent and important

2. Task urgent not important

3. Important task not Important

4. Neither important nor Urgent

B. Keeping Activity log

– Helps you to understand how you spend time

– See the length of time spent on low value task

– A list of tasks to achieve your goals

C. To-do List

1. All the task you need to perform

2. Prioritise these tasks into order of importance

3. A way to reducing stress and feeling of control over time


1. Don’t be a perfectionist

2. Invent new ways of doing task

3. Short break helps a lot to boost productivity

4. Identify your rhythm of work

5. Finish your work first

6. Review your performance

7. Learn to Say “NO”

8. Take Responsibility

9. Be realistic in your approach

So start from Today, Because Time waits for no one.

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