What is CPT?

First of all, what exactly does CPT mean? The full form of this abbreviation is “Common Proficiency Test”. If one wants to pursue a course in chartered accountancy, he or she has to clear this entrance test. Before being able to give this examination, one has to register with the ‘Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’ (ICAI) which is the main statutory body.

What kind of test it is?

Now when you know that you have to give this test to become a chartered accountant. The next step would be to learn more about it. The first and foremost thing to learn about a test is what subjects are to be studied. The most important one is of course ‘accountancy’ as a CA must be very proficient while dealing with accounts and making financial statements. This subject is majorly used in various domains of a CA’s work like bookkeeping or auditing. Then there is ‘merchant law’ which helps you to learn about international law of commerce and makes you familiar with the legal technicalities. The next one is called ‘General Economics’ which deals with general economic issues. And the last but not the least is ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ which defines your ability to solve mathematical problems. Thus, if you are good with numbers (i.e. you can solve complex numerical problems with ease), then you have good prospects as a chartered accountant.

How long is the test?

Unlike the tests which you used to give during school days, this test is being separated into two sessions, each of which is having duration of two hours.

When is the test taken?

Thankfully this is not a yearly test and takes place two times in a year. You can give this test in June or December as per your suitability.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the test you must have passed 10+2 examination from a recognized institution. If not 10+2, then an equivalent examination is also considered. The second criterion is that you must be registered for this test with the Board of studies at ICAI. Note that if you have already registered for a professional course at ICAI, then you need not register for this test separately.

How to prepare?
Now when you have enough knowledge about the test, the only question that is left is how you can make yourself ready to crack this test. Firstly you need to prepare yourself mentally and make sure that you can work hard without letting any of the distractions wander around you. As for the study material, the one given by the institution is very helpful and should be thoroughly studied. Try presenting your answers neatly. All these can tend to help you in order to clear this exam easily.

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Pardeep Makkar is the founder of Makkar Institute.com , For more information about CA Coaching Classes, CPT Coaching in Ludhiana.

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  1. Mohd. Aalam Khan says:

    I want to know which types of Articalship is need for a CA final students means a company where most of the work is knowledgable or any other types of propritorship where just for a small work is done.
     thanking you
    yours sincearly
    Mohd. Aalam Khan

  2. j.b. sharma says:

    I would like to point out two anomalies in the article. First this exam is conducted only twice in a year and not four times as mentioned in the article. Secondly while suggesting how to prepare for this exam the author suggests that one should not write long answers, I would like to mentioned here that in this exam only objective type questions are given.

  3. jay says:


    what about the cpt exemption announced by past president, about a year ago? is it under process or scraped

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