The word “Failure” has become a nightmare for everyone.  No one wants this word to be used for them ever.  Generally people have a belief that – if they fail, people will start sparing them, they will be marked as looser, their family will feel ashamed of them, friends will make laugh at them, relations will start changing and finally they will become alone.  You know what is this?  This is the biggest chimera of our mind.  We create a boundary in our mind at start believing it as a fact of life.  We all have some perceptions in our mind regarding behaviour of society.  We become judgemental for people.  Guys, if you do not have same size of fingers in your same palm; how you can believe that everyone in society will react the same manner.  This is just because of that sward shown to us hanging on our head since our childhood.  We are always scared with the fairytale like, the moment you are failed people will make laugh at you, you will not be respected by others, and you will become a reason of shame for your parents and family.

It is strictly fixed in our mind by the society that the failure means you are a zero, you are nothing.  But let me tell you one thing guys no any number has a greater value than zero, if it is kept at appropriate place.  Zero is the most desired figure in everyone’s life.  Once the ZEROs started adding into your life, people will certainly change their opinions regarding your value in the society.  One starts gaining more attention and respect in the society than ever before.

Remember friends, a ZERO at a proper place makes a huge difference to its adjoined, but no makes any change in the value if kept at wrong place.  Because as we are learnt; ZERO has no value.  But I don’t believe this.  ZERO is the most powerful number amongst all other numbers.  It can make hundred to thousand and thousand to lac.  Please note that there is a difference of a single ZERO between thousand and lac, but to add this ZERO, one has to commute a long way.  So, getting one more ZERO is not an easy task.

People describe “failure” as inability to do something or to achieve something. They say you can’t do that, you are a failure, and you are a looser.  But no, this is not fact.  I see failure as an act which has not been concluded in a way it would have been to.  It is not understood in the manner in which it would have been to.  I failed because I was lacking of something.  I misunderstood something.  I didn’t give my hundred percent efforts to fulfil the task.  Then what’s wrong in getting failure.  If I am not giving my hundred percent towards my goal, certainly I will fail for sure.  There is nothing unusual or unexpected in that failure.  But, there is always a space of improvement.  If I rectify my wrong deeds, I can put a ZERO at appropriate place.  The “failure” tag will be removed instantly from my identity.

There is nothing wrong in failure.  Things go wrong once we took a wrong approach toward our failure.  The person, who tries to do something, may face a failure; and not a person who just think to do something or just keep dreaming of new things.  I have seen people talking like “Now I will do something new this time”, but when I ask them “What new”; they are just blank.  Like I have asked them a question about rocket science!!  Many people just don’t know what they want to do even.  Then tell me if a person doesn’t know what he want to do, how he can commence anything; and if you do nothing how can you move further in life.  It is better to get failure than being idle.  Because a person who fail somewhere in life, will know the path of success for sure.  Ever successful personality from Bil Gates to Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani to Ratan Tata and Amitabh Bacchan to Sharukh Khan has unsuccessful stories in their life.  Almost all such personalities have tasted a bitter failure and then enjoyed the glory of success.

Never be afraid of failure, rather make it a step further to your goal.  When you fail, you certainly know what you want to achieve. That clarity about your goal plays a critical role in your success.  Don’t get disturbed from failure and give up your goal, because if you leave it, someone else will get it. So, never give up trying.

When you fail in life, get out of it as soon as you can, get relaxed and first thing you have to do is to analyse you previous attempts.  You have to figure out what goes wrong.  Find out the reason and crack the way out and again start your run toward your goal.  If you fail again, analyse again, find out the reasons, crack the way out and start new run again. Do it again and again until you are at your desired place.

Friends, life is a quite long journey. Success, failure, happiness, sadness all these are just the turning points of your journey.  You have to cross over them.  When you achieve something, it becomes a milestone of your life, but the journey doesn’t stops here.  It keeps going on and on.

Life has many plans for us, let them come to us.  Never be afraid of failure, but rather be proud of that.  Because the day you fail, you know what not to do on the path; and if you know the wrong path you will certainly find out the right way.  So, failure is a hook of your chain which holds the pendent of your success.  It is a seed which will allow ripping the fruit of success later. 

Enjoy failure…

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