All salaried employees have to file their income tax returns by July 31. To do this, it is necessary to have the Form 16 document, issued by your employer. Form 16 gives details of tax deducted and the branch of the bank where it is deposited into the central government account. For example, if a TDS of Rs 2,332 and education cess of Rs 68 are deducted from your April salary, Form 16 details the same. It does so for every month in the financial year. It is the final certificate issued by your employer giving details of the salary you have earned and the tax deducted on your behalf and paid to the government.

This certificate should be issued within 15th June of the financial year immediately following the financial year in which it was deducted. In case there hasn’t been any TDS from your salary, you just get a salary certificate, and not the Form 16.

What is Form 16A and how is it different from Form 16?

If you are not a salaried employee and work as a professional for an organisation and earn fees, then the certificate that shows TDS details deducted while making payments to you is Form 16A.

What if you have worked for more than one company or changed jobs during the year?

At the end of the year, you need to collect Form 16 from both your employers as that is the basis on which you would file your returns. When you join a new organisation, you should furnish your TDS details from the previous employer to your current employer. This will help your current employer in deducting tax accordingly. If you do not mention your previous organisation details to your new employer, then you are liable to show the total income from both employees and calculate your tax liability accordingly.

What if I cannot get Form 16 from my previous employer?

Your best option then is to fill Form 12B and submit it to your new employer. The employer will take into account the previous salary you earned while deducting tax.

Do I need to attach Form 16 to my I-T returns?

As per the I-T department rules, it is not necessary to attach the original Form 16 to your income tax returns. However, in your interest, you could attach a photocopy of Form 16 while retaining the original with yourself.

What other particulars should be checked in Form 16?

The first thing you need to confirm in Form 16 is the PAN number. If it is wrong, you have to ask your employer to rectify it and give you a new Form 16. Besides, the employer needs to make a correction at their end by filing revised return of TDS to credit the TDS proceeds to the correct PAN number.

What if there is an error in figures in Form 16?

You need to tally the figures in Form 16 with the tax declaration statement provided by you to your organisation at the beginning of the year. It’s possible that the figures mentioned are either wrong, or not considered at all.

The result would be that fewer deductions would have been shown, resulting in higher tax liability. You might not have submitted the proofs of all investments, or could have forgotten to submit some bills.

If there is an error by the employer, you could request them to rectify it and issue a revised Form 16. If a higher tax has been deducted, you can claim a tax refund while filing your returns

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51 responses to “Form 16 Salary Certificate- Is It different from Form 16A?”


    I retired from service of central public sector company in Nov. 2016. I got all retirement dues Including Gratuity. TDS DEDUCTED FROM PMT OF GRATUITY. Is it required to mention all TDS pmt transaction towards EMPLOYEES in FORM 16? Or TOWARDS TDS deduction from retirement dues, which certificate of TDS TO BE ISSUED??

  2. Vertika Kedia says:

    No you will not get form 16, only when a company deducts your tax , it issues form no 16. 20000/month means 2.4Lks CTC.
    Government exempts tax upto 2.5Lks income .
    However if you income from anyother source then disclose to the employer , he will deduct tax and then you can get for no 16.

  3. Prabhakaran says:

    Hi, I am getting 18000 salary in hand can i eligible for getting “Form 16” my CTC is also 20000/- please suggest.

  4. Nena ram says:

    NRChoudhary v/p chaba,Teh- Shergarh, Dist-Jodhpur 342022

  5. Kirteekumar Gore says:

    i have misplace my FORM-16 of F.Y.2011-2012. How could i get it????
    is there any online procedure to get FORM-16.

  6. Sandip Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been penalized under section 143(1). Actually I have paid my income tax for Financial Year 2006-2007 but it seems IT department does have the same. Therefore I went to my former employer for Form 16. And my former employer said that, they have lost Form 16.

    Now I am in problem. What should I do. My former employer are saying that they can issue Tax Computation Salary Slip. Is this a valid proof and substitute for form 16.

    Please guide me for the above problem

    Sandip Kumar

  7. A K BAGARTY says:

    can i get form 16 from previous organisation on newly appointment to a other organisation

  8. A K BAGARTY says:

    one of our employee joined min. of commerce,office of the joint Director of Explosives on new appointment on 06 Dec 2014.Details of salary alongwith TDS intimate to the in. of commerce,office of the joint Director of Explosives.Kindly advice whether Form-16 for the period Apr 14 to Dec14 is to be issued from this office.

  9. pandi says:

    sir , i am working as an accountant in a co. as per co.we issued form 16 and 16a to our employees . Now a employee ( from 16a ) case , asked with me a salary certificate .

    What will i do. is it possible to issue a salary certificate to form 16A case.

  10. PONNUSWAMI M says:

    Dear Sir,
    One of the Nationalised Bank’s Manager refused to sign the Form 16A issued to me for TDS on FD interest, on the pretext it is a computer generated form and authentication is not necessary. Is it correct?

  11. MOHD DANISH says:

    can i get the form16 from internet

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