Verification Certificate under provisions of Rules 114(4) of IT Rules, 1962 of PAN (Individual / HUF).

A format has been prescribed for verification certificate under provisions of Rules 114(4) of IT Rules, 1962. An individual / HUF PAN Applicant who files certificate of MP / MLA / MC / Gazetted officer as proof of his / her identity or address is to file the same in prescribed format only.

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  1. Vinod sariya says:

    What the hell after trying 5 day no one gazzetted officer give his id card nonsense rule by incometax department very worst constitutional sala sarkari adhikari jo itni badi post pe hai wo janta ki help nhi kar raha .. please change this enclosed id card rule

  2. Pritam.C says:

    It is indeed ridiculous on the part of TIN official who made this guide line. Firstly, it is really a herculean task to get in touch of an MP or MLA and secondly, the TIN authorities expect these dignitaries to give us a copy of their ID card? The TIN authorities concerned are dictating terms without understanding the plight and ground realities which the common man will be facing. It is harassment of the common people.

  3. Nandanan Varrier says:

    It is preposterous and ridiculous to seek ID Card details of Gaz Officer. It could be from a notary public who is competent enough to certify. Change the Rule is the remedy

  4. K Subramaniam says:

    Getting annex ‘a’ from a government official like MLA or MP is a torture for an individual. Making the process cumbersome for an ordinary citizen. Now e-kyc can be obtained which cannot be duplicated. Simplify the process for ordinary citizen.

  5. Duni Singh says:

    No one MP&MLA and other gazetted officer are now t giving their identity card. Then how can solve the problem. Please suggest me. Thanks

  6. Kaladhara Saralaya says:

    No Gazzetted officer/Counciller/MLA/Mp will give his personal ID for PAN verification. They say it is a security reson for them as this can be mis used. It is stupid rule they made to harass the public.

  7. Surya says:

    Is one certificate signed by gazetted officer is enough for both id proof and address proof, because it has both id and address column.

  8. Martin Bastian says:

    This is a rule made my some dumb person where they insist that the certifying authority also provide a photocopy of the ID. I have having a major problem convincing any gazatted officer to provide his ID xerox.
    Why do they not allow a sworn affidavit – it should hold good.
    Instead of making rules simple and easy to follow they make things more complicated.

  9. nisha says:


    respected sir

    pan card banane ke liye kyo school leaving certificate allowed nahi hai jabki ye to sabhi jagho pe chalta hai

  10. nishaben says:


    why dont accepted in pan card school leaving certificate any what kind of reason dont accepted in pan card date of birth proof

  11. Navin Kumar Bhagat says:

    If it is not possible to include id copy with verification certificate then not use this one. use rent receipt instead of any other doc. Even you are not in rent you can show it like u r in rent even your father/relatives can sign rent receipt.
    Rent receipt is a valid address proof document. Affix Rs 1 Revenue stamp on it and cross sign is mandatory over the ticket.

  12. surinder kumar says:

    the certificate of change name and date of birth can be issued by B class officer like AAO assistant audit officer,or

  13. sudhir says:

    Even i am suffering because of this stupid rule to get the issuer ID card from past one month, NSDL is not processing without the issuer id card.

    I have send the certificate signed by the MLA, when asked for his ID card
    he said MLA do not have any id card as they are the Public Elected Members,

    I am not sure whether My MLA is right or he is not willing to give me his id card copy.

  14. H RASID says:

    any Gazetted Officer,MLA,MP, AND MC( MEANS ?)are bound to proceed their ID / ADDRESS PROOF after veryficiation of PAN FORMAT U/S 114 (4) IT RULES 1962 ? Is it possibble to attach their valuable id alongwith the attested format.

  15. CA. Harsh Jain says:

    It is a ridiculous rule. No one is willing to give a copy of their I-Card, its as if some one has asked for their Kidney. But, its foolish on part of the CBDT, because the ultimate sufferer is no body else then the Common Man. They should have given this right to the Chartered Accountants like us. I wonder how they take such decisions without looking at the practicalities. I would like them to make the whole process of PAN online to be submitted after verification by a Chartered Accountant only by putting his Digital Signature.

  16. nikhillesh jain says:

    no mla,mp or mc will give his identity then how can one get pan card by submitting verification certificate attested by above all.pls give me advice


    I applied for new PAN online & for this i attached matriculation certificate for POI & submitted verification certificate provided format by TIN-NSDL under rule 114(4)of IT,which is attested by Govt. Doctor working in Govt. hospital under Rajasthan Govt medical & health dept.,he haven’t his ID-Card & he gave me his copy of driving license & i attached it with this certificate for POA.  but TIN-NSDL done invalid it .When i contect to NSDL on phone it’s executive told me that Doctor can’t verify this bcz. this post is not authorized gazetted officer. What i can do for this plz. help me to getting PAN

  18. DJ says:

    It is a ridiculous norm unless the long term purpose is to limit the issuance of PAN in a greater scale. I have knocked at least 15 Gazetted Officers, both State and Central Govt and every one was shocked/surprised/scolded when asked for their Photo ID card’s Photocopy. Unfortunately at present none of my relatives is holding a designation in Gazetted Rank and it seem as a result of the same I would not be able to get a PAN card. Such a horrible rule !!! The problem is why cant IT Dept/NSDL/UTI float a circular about this very norm to such officers so that at least they get to know about this. Not sure on what basis this rule was implemented !! If someone knows about the loopholes please highlight else it seems I would not be getting a PAN card any sooner #

  19. v.k.verma says:

    in-continue of my Q just wrote that the nsdl office of moradabad-244001 is demanding only gazetted officer’s VC…………WHY. PZ clear..thanks

  20. v.k.verma says:

    is the verification certificate issued by municipal councilor for issue a fresh pan card sufficient or not . whether we have a certificate of municipal councilor. please assist by your valuable advice & oblige. thanks.

  21. namita says:

    is it mendatory to submitte the i card photocopy of gazzated officer with pan card application?
    but it is not possible for people to get the i card photocopy of gazzated officer,it is very difficult and no any proff of new adderess of any applicant then how should i do?

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