Member (L&C) D.O letter dated 17/11/2016 to all Pr.CsIT in respect of issuance of Form-2 under IDS, 2016 – reg.

Dear Pr. Commissioners of Income-tax,

It has come to my notice that some declarations under IDS, 2016 received manually without PAN are still pending for issuance of Form -2 due to non-availability of PAN .

2. I also understand that Directorate of Systems have sent e-mail and SMS to the concerned officers to update PAN in Form-1 or to communicate the PAN application number to the Directorate for expediting PAN allotment in such cases.  Further, attempts have also been made by thee-filing team to telephonically contact the officers to sensitise about the urgency of this

3. Despite such efforts, I understand that several such cases are still pending and the relevant information has not been sent to the Directorate of Systems. In view of the approaching deadline for payment of first installment under the IDS, 2016, please take all necessary steps, including contacting the declarant to obtain the PAN or ensuring that the declarant removes all deficiencies in the PAN application, so that allotment of PAN can be expedited. It is expected that issuance of Form-2 in all such cases, in accordance with instruction No.10 of 2016 dated 28.09.2016 is done by 25.11.2016.

Yours Sincerely,

(S. K. Sahai)
Member (L&C), CBDT

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