How to know PAN, File IT return, Open Acknowledgement of HUF if incorporation date in PAN card mentioned as ANCESTRAL


Recently I have faced a very interesting situation. I have to file ITR of one of my client online. My client is a HUF and his turnover is more then Tax Audit limit so as per Income tax circular, I was required to file his Income Tax Return online. While filling ITR I needed his date of birth or say incorporation date so I checked his PAN card to know the same as per Income Tax Record, when I checked the PAN card the date of birth mentioned on it was for my surprise written as “ANCESTRAL”.

Now I got confused what date should I write on ITR to validate it for generating XML file and to upload the same on Income tax website. I have tried the popular trick of writing the date of incorporation as 01-01-0001 but when I tried to validate it said that it’s not the valid date.

As last date for Audit filing is coming closer so I was not having the option to enquire with Assessing officer of my client or to write a mail to department or to use the trick which I mentioned earlier in my post titled “ How to know Date of birth on PAN Card ”. So what’s the solution to the problem no need to loose heart I have the solution for such situation which is given below:-


1. I mentioned the date of birth in ITR as the date of birth of Oldest Child of my client.

2. Generated ITR and UPLOADED the same on Income tax website. Please note Income Tax department website do not match the date of birth in ITR with date of birth as per their records.

3. Downloaded ITR acknowledgement.

Now here arise the question how to open ITR acknowledgement, which requires password to open and password is combination Pan (in small letters) and date of birth.

In such cases we can use the date of birth as 01/01/0001 so if Pan is AAAAA0000A then Password to open the ITR acknowledgement will be aaaaa0000a01010001.

How to know PAN if Date of birth was not mentioned on PAN card or was mentioned as Ancestral:- Please read the following post to know how to check PAN Number with the combination of name and Date of birth (DOB) or when date of birth was mentioned as Ancestral on PAN or was not mentioned.

Know your Permanent Account Number (PAN) with the help of PAN and date of birth (DOB)

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31 responses to “Incorporation date in PAN ANCESTRAL – How to know PAN, File IT return, Open ITR V”

  1. Chetan Singh says:

    Thankyou so much for such a information.

  2. Sameer says:

    I am a married male and want to apply for HUF pancard. Can my wife and minor son be member of this huf. For applying huf pancard is it necessary to have huf deed. If yes then how huf deed can be created. What will be dob in pancard if there is no huf deed. I want Huf pancard to save income tax.

  3. PARTH JOSHI says:

    How do I open a Bank account of an HUF whoose Date of Incorporation is ANCESTRAL??

  4. Nikesh shah says:

    My dob 14/01/1972 mentioned as date of incorporation. But HUF DEED create on 16/02/17. Can it acceptable? Pls. Guide me.

  5. Nikesh shah says:

    Date of birth of Katra mention on HUF pan card. HUF deed done in 2017. Is it acceptable? Can guide me.

  6. abhishek says:

    Date of Incorporation should be recorded as mentioned on the PAN Card. In case the word
    ANCESTRAL or a year beginning with 0 is mentioned on the PAN Card then the date should be
    recorded as 01/01/1961.

  7. Faruqe Mohd says:

    Pls confirm 2008-09 online ITR acknowledge number how many digit.

    I known acknowledge number is 15 digit in online ITR..

  8. Naresh says:


    I have the same probllem.
    01/01/0001 works on

    However it does work on TRACES. I need to register on TRACES to get a Form 16B for property tds deductions.

  9. c v khimani says:


  10. varsha says:

    if HUF pan card incorporation date as ancstral then what will be the date?

  11. Manjunath M says:

    Very good article it will be of great help to all professionals

  12. Madhavi Jadhav says:

    I can not open my ITR acknowledgement with my co’s PAN no.and Date of Corporation. what to do. I don’t know.

  13. Anand Chandak says:

    Dear friend who have HUF PAN with DOB ANCESTRAL 01/01/0001 ,

    and who have problem uploading XML file with DOB as 01/01/0001,
    Please correct the date of incorporation in the XML file as ‘0001-01-01’ instead of 01/01/0001 and save the XML file and upload.
    please note : I am taking about the DOB data in the XML file and not in the excel sheet.

  14. prem sagar k says:

    dear sir, i am a business man and i got my a/cts audited by the c.a. and hehas already submitted the return using the digital signature. itr v was given to me but misplaced and not readily traceable. now the c.a. has become hostile and not in a mood to give a copy of the itr v. the bank authorities are asking for the ack in itr v. how to get a copy of the itr v from the income tax web site. i got pass word and also pan numner. i.e. i.d. both id and pass word i got, pl. help me in getting a copy of the itr v for 2012-13. i have sent my return using the digital signature. hence the problem. pl. help me. thanksin advance.

  15. Nidhi says:

    I can Login to my Income Tax account with 01/01/0001, but cannot upload the return with the same date because the software does not accept the above date & creates a problem during validation.. In last years return, the DOB of HUF, was taken to be the DOB of the Karta & the return was also uploaded with the karta’s DOB, but this year this doesnt seem possible, the website is showing the following error”
    “The Date of Birth/Incorporation in the IT Return does not match. Please review/correct and upload again.”

    Please help..

  16. Nalam Ravindranath says:

    Error is due to change in Schema.
    Please use the latest version of utility available on the website for filing your return.

    Schema check failed.XML Document has following Error:
    Error 1: Line number: 36 , Column number: 39
    Message: ’01/01/0001′ is not a valid value for ‘dateTime’.
    Error 2: Line number: 36 , Column number: 39
    Please rectify these error and upload again
    This is the content of the box appearing when I tried to upload the return of a HUF my mentioning the date of formation as 01/01/0001. I have been using this version f and uploaded many returns
    I seek your help in this regard..

    Message: The value ’01/01/0001′ of element ‘ITRForm:DOB’ is not valid.

  17. Nalam Ravindranath says:

    I have registered a HUF Pan with income tax department for uploading the returns by giving the date of formation as 01/01/0001. The website of income tax department has allowed me to register the Pan number and my pass word is also accepted and confirmed by an email from the the department. However, when I tried to upload the return website is rejecting to accept the uploading by mentioning
    The date of formation can not be 01/01/0001.
    I have tried quite a few times without success. When I was allowed to register the Pan with date of formation as 01/01/0001, why the returns are being rejected while I tried upload the return.

    Will you please suggest a suitable remedy/


  18. Mehr Jessica says:

    The DOB of the oldest child of the Karta is 04-04-1944 but the HUF was created by dint of an oral agreement after 1958. What should be done in this situation if Date of Creation on the PAN card is mentioned as Ancestral?




    ANY PROBLEM CONT. ME. +91 7488194276 

  20. kamal agarwal says:

    very useful article

  21. kamal agarwal says:

    very interesting and useful topic

  22. vinay srivastava says:

    The information provided is remarkable. It will save the time and generate the required information.



  24. CA.G.Ganesh says:

    Very good article it will be of great help to all professionals

  25. Prakash says:

    How can account of huf is registered at incometax website

  26. Anoop says:


    I have tried the same but it is not working.

  27. CA JEET says:

    Very interesting & valuable article, thanks for it

  28. Sharat Trehan says:

    The link – “ How to know Date of birth on PAN Card ” is no more available. Is it available under some other URL / link?

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