File Based (Bulk) Upload of Form 15CA

Facility for upload of multiple Form 15CA records in single file is available to registered TANs.

Pre-requisites for bulk upload of Form 15CA records:

v  Register your TAN online at TIN website and create your TAN registration account.

v  Prepare the file as per the prescribed file format. Click below to download the file format.

File format for bulk upload of Form 15CA (version 1.2)

v  Validate the file with File Validation Utility (FVU version 1.2) to ensure format level correctness of the file.

FVU for Form 15CA Bulk upload (version 1.2)

v  Login to your TAN registration account

v  Upload the successfully FVU validated file. On successful validation file name with extension .fvu will be created.

Revised Procedure for validating, upload and print of Form 15CA

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  1. Yogesh Dhumal says:

    We have tried attached 15CA format many times, but not able to validate successfully, can someone provide us ready excel format?

  2. Dilip Dahibhate says:

    Where is Excel file format of Form 15CA

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