With effect from April 8, 2012, PAN applications are required to be furnished in the new forms prescribed by ITD. Indian citizens will have to submit their ‘Application for allotment of new PAN’ in revised Form 49A only. Foreign citizens will have to submit their ‘Application for allotment of new PAN’ in newly notified Form 49AA only.

With effect from April 1, 2012, fees for PAN application has changed to Rs.  96. (For dispatch outside India 962).

For New PAN applications, in case of Individual and HUF applicants if Address for Communication is selected as Office, then Proof of Office Address along with Proof of residential address is to be submitted to NSDL w.e.f. applications made on and after 1st November 2009.

As per RBI guidelines, the entities making e-commerce transactions are required to provide PIN (Personal Identification Number) while executing an online transaction. Accordingly, before making payment for online PAN/TAN applications using credit/debit card, please ensure that the PIN is obtained from your respective Banks.

Application for allotment of New PAN (Form 49A) – applicable for Citizens of India

This form should be used when the applicant has never applied for a PAN or does not have PAN allotted to him. An applicant can visit Income Tax Department (ITD) website to find whether a PAN has been allotted to him or not.

Download Revised Form 49A Excel Auto utility

Download help File in Word Format

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