Letter [F.NO. 246/94/2012-H&FAC-I], dated 12-9-2012

During the recent Chief Commissioners Conference some of the Chief Commissioners mentioned that due to non-receipt of replies from the AG regarding acceptance of replies of the Department on the audit objections or otherwise, remedial action is being taken and subsequently when the communication accepting the position of the Department is received such remedial action is to be dropped and in some cases infructuous demands were created on completion of assessments reopened on account of pendency of audit objections.

2. I am to request you to furnish the details, including number of cases in which remedial action had to be initiated due to non-receipt of reply from AG and subsequently the proceedings had to be dropped on receipt of reply from AG accepting the Department’s reply and of cases wherein assessment proceedings were completed in such cases resulting infructuous demand.

3. This Information may be furnished immediately so that the matter could be taken up with CAG/other appropriate authorities.

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