Cases where an employee work under two employer in a single financial year

Normally an employee is employed under employer during whole financial year and thus no problem arises in deduction of TDS from salary. In this case all information relating to income of employee is readily available with employer and computation task is easy to handle. However, complexity arise where employee work under two employer. This problem may arise in the following situations:

  1. Where employee changes his job in the middle of year
  2. Where employee is engaged in part time jobs or week end assignment
  3. Where employee work under two employee simultaneously

Here, an attempt is made to explain the duties and responsibilities of employee and employer. Further this blog will explain you how to handle this situation.

More Than One Employer

Where an employee has more than one employer,he is required to furnish in Form No. 12B to one of the employers (as selected by the employee having regards to the circumstances of the case)the detail of salary due/received by him from one other employers.

Only after submission of information in Form No.12B, it becomes the obligation of the employer (to whom Form No.12B is submitted) to deduct tax at source after considering the information submitted by the employee.

For instance, if information is submitted in the month of October,only from October onwards, tax shall be deducted at the average rate determined after considering the details submitted in the Form No. 12B.

During the previous year 2015-16, Mr X is employed simultaneously by A Ltd.(salary: Rs.30,000)and BLtd. (salary:Rs.42,000) on part-time basis. Mr X may select any of the two companies for deducting tax at source on aggregate salary.

Suppose, Mr X selects B. Ltd.,then tax will be deducted as follows:

Tax deduction by A Ltd. on salary paid by it. Rs.
Tax salary by A Ltd. (Rs.30,000*12) 3,60,000
Tax on taxable salary to be deducted at source by A Ltd. 9,270

 The above information pertaining to A Ltdwill be submitted by Mr X to B Ltd in Form No.12B Ltdwill deduct tax on the aggregate salary as follows:

Tax deduction by B Ltd. Rs
Taxable salary (Rs.30,000*12+Rs.42,000*12) 8,64,000
Tax on taxable salary 1,00,734
Less: Tax deducted by A Ltd. 9,200
Tax to be deducted by B Ltd. 91,464

 Case 2:

Mr Y is employed by C Ltd. Up to June 30,2015(salary being Rs.80,000 per month). On July 1,2015,he joins D Ltd. (salary being Rs. 95,000 per month). Tax will be deducted as source as follows:

Taxation deduction by C Ltd on salary paid by it Rs.
Taxable salary by C Ltd. (80,000*3) 2,40,000
Tax on salary deduction of source by C Ltd.(Tax will be calculated on monthly basis at annual average tax rate which is calculated as below: 30,130

The above information pertaining to C Ltd will be submitted by Mr Y to D Ltd. in Form No.12B. D Ltd. will deduct tax on the aggregate salary as follows(Mr Y should not select the old employer for deducting tax in respect of aggregate salary).

Tax deduction by B Ltd .Rs.
Taxable salary (Rs. 80,000*3+ Rs.95,000*9) 10,95,000
Tax on taxable salary 1,58,105
Less:Tax deducted by C Ltd. 30,130
Tax to be deducted by B Ltd. 1,27,980

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  1. TVS says:

    if my first employer has filed TDS Returns and has issued me Form16 with Nil TDS per my 26AS whereas my 2nd employer has not deducted TDS for the remaining 3 Months Salaries and hence my Income not reflected in 26AS can I just file my ITR1 using my own calculations? Ofcourse I have paid sELF-Assessment Tax to cover my liability to tax for FY1920AY2021

  2. New User says:

    If an incorrect salary is given to the employee and the remaining is transferred in the next month, how would the salary slip look like?
    Do you calculate the total salary and write without bifurcations (i.e 2 different credits on two different dates.)

    November Salary given in 2 parts

    12th Dec 12,780 (incorrect salary due to miscalculation)
    1st Jan 22250 (arrears and incentives)

    Total paid – 35030

    How should this reflect in the salary slip.

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