Recording date of tender of cheque and date of its realisa­tion on challans for payment of direct taxes is to be done by branch of authorised public sector bank where it is tendered for payment

1. In Board’s Circular No. 261 dated 8-8-1979 [Clarification 1] it was stated that the Reserve Bank of India has requested the authorised public sector banks to “brand” the challan with the “inward receipt stamp” which should, inter alia, contain the date of tender of the cheque/draft and the date of its realisation. It was also stated therein that the Board was progressively intro­ducing new-colour-band challans which would contain separate columns for recording the dates of tender of the cheque/draft and of its realisation.

2. A question has been raised as to whether the filling up of the dates of tender of the cheque/draft and its realisation in the revised colour-band-challan would be necessary if in the “inward receipt stamp” fixed by the receiving bank branch this informa­tion is filled in.

3. The objective here obviously is to record evidence on the counterfoils of challan about the dates of tender of the cheque/draft and its realisation. If this evidence is recorded in the “inward receipt stamp” of the bank, there would obviously be no objection if such dates in the challan forms are not filled. In such cases, the filling up of the relevant columns of the challan should not be insisted upon.

Circular : No. 265 [F. No. 385/61/79-IT(B)], dated 11-4-1980.

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