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Bijender ChoudharyAuto Income tax calculator Financial year 2013-14 / Assessment year 2014-15

The Calculator provides brief detail of all the Income Tax Exemptions,deduction, Sections and Rules Relevant for Taxation of Individual Especially Salaried Employee.

This Calculate your Tax and Prepare form-16 in less than 5 Minutes.

This Calculator is very Simple & Easy to use to compute the Tax with Linked Information and Rules.  Once you enter the amount in blank cells. Other cells will calculate data & Tax automatically. Calculate your Income Tax in Calculation sheet & print the Computation sheet / Form-16 etc. Calculator have inbuilt capability to compute House Rent Exemption Allowance and also Prepares Automatically Form -16 with Form 12BA.

We are also enclosing Revised modified Latest Tax Calculator Version 8.2.2 with form-16,Annexure A.Form 12B and Mini Ready Reckoner for Information and rules of Income Tax for FY-2013-14, AY-2014-15

Download Revised modified Latest Tax Calculator for F.Y. 2013-14 / A.Y. 2014-15

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  1. Jamal Mohamed. H says:

    Dear Sir,

    How can I calculate arrears payment in this tax calculator, Its a one time payment paid by the employer. Where I want to insert the data in the calculation.

  2. Murari Lal Jha says:

    Dear Sir, Namskar
    Requesting to solve my problem:
    1) Myself Sr Citizen. having some havy amout FDs.I am Getting quarterly interest from FDs. Showing the income by interest + pension depositing tax.Now I want to transfer the this amount to my sons/children. The amount to be tranfered/distributed to sons will be treated income and liable to pay income tax.?
    2) we have joint bank account but wife household lady. Can the income of bank interest be treated 50% income of wife or how it possibe ?
    Please make a reply. thanks
    JHA M L

  3. Pranab Banerjee says:

    All are under section 10 is allow the full amount, not any restriction.And also it appears that the as per the instruction of above is not same in this Excel Utility, like as not auto pick up the all data to the Form 16, and the Format of Form 16 Part A and B is obsolete one, which is already modify the Format of Form 16 by the CBDT, plz check the format of Form 16.

  4. M V S N SHARMA says:

    Deduction under section 16 are getting added to the total income instead of getting subtracted in the tax calculator. Necessary correction to the formula in excel sheet to be made.

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