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Introduction: In a significant development, the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has successfully integrated E-Waybill services with four new Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) portals via the National Informatics Centre (NIC). This integration expands the scope of E-Waybill generation, aligning it seamlessly with E-Invoicing, and is now accessible across all six IRPs.

Detailed Analysis:

1. Enhanced Service Portfolio: GSTN’s announcement marks an evolution in its service portfolio, empowering taxpayers to leverage E-Waybill services efficiently alongside E-Invoicing.

2. Integration with Four New IRP Portals: The integration has been accomplished with four new IRP portals facilitated by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). Taxpayers can now generate E-Waybills on these portals, fostering a consolidated experience.

3. Comprehensive Access to All Six IRPs: The integrated E-Waybill services are now available on all six IRP portals. The following URLs provide direct access to the respective portals:


4. Convenient E-Waybill Generation: Taxpayers can now seamlessly generate E-Waybills alongside E-Invoicing on the integrated IRP portals, streamlining the compliance process.

Conclusion: The successful integration of E-Waybill services with four new IRP portals by GSTN signifies a stride towards enhanced convenience and efficiency for taxpayers. With this development, businesses can now generate E-Waybills seamlessly in conjunction with E-Invoicing, ensuring a more integrated and streamlined compliance experience.


Advisory: Integration of E-Waybill system with New IRP Portals


Dear Taxpayers,

1. GSTN is pleased to announce the successful integration of E-Waybill services with four new IRP portals via NIC, enabling taxpayers to generate E-Waybills alongside E-Invoicing on these four IRPs.

2. This new facility complements the existing services available on the NIC-IRP portal, making E-Waybill services, along with E-Invoicing, available across all six IRPs.

3. Please find below the websites for all six IRP portals:

Thank You,

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