GSTN unveils excel template for to help taxpayers perform easy data entry offline before uploading on the GST portal; Excel template together with an offline tool will make uploading large numbers of invoices much easier and quick; Offline Tool to be unveiled on July 17, 2017.

Goods and Services Network (GSTN) has unveiled a simple GSTR 1 excel format / template that will facilitate the taxpayers in preparing and filing their monthly returns with maximum ease and minimal cost.

The GSTR 1 excel format / template is a part of GST Council’s approach to make tax compliance highly easy and convenient for taxpayers and also reduce the time of compliance to improve ease of doing business. This excel workbook template can be freely downloaded from the GST Common portal (, and can be used by taxpayers to collate all invoice related data on a regular basis.

The Excel format can be used by businesses to start maintaining their data. The taxpayer can prepare the details of his outward supply on weekly or any other suitable regular interval which can then be uploaded on GST portal on or before the 10th of subsequent month. The  GSTR 1 excel format / template workbook can be used to prepare the data for GSTR 1 return without connecting to internet in offline mode. This also benefits taxpayers in remote areas where Internet connectivity might not be good.

The template comprises of eight worksheets. Summary of key values in each worksheet has been provided at the top to help taxpayers easily reconcile the data entered in the worksheets with that recorded in his accounting system/books to accurately prepare the return. Based on data entered in the Excel sheet, offline tool will prepare a file which will have to be uploaded by the taxpayer on GST Portal to create GSTR-1. Only while uploading the file on the GST portal, Internet connectivity will be required.


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Invoice & other  data  upload for creation of GSTR 1

Introduction to GSTR 1 excel format / template for data upload in Java offline  tool

The Offline tool comes bundled with MS Excel Template and a java  tool. This Excel workbook template has 11 data entry worksheets, 1 master sheet and 1 Help Instruction sheet i.e. total 13 worksheets. The 11 data entry worksheets are named: b2b, b2cl, b2cs, cdnr, cdnur exp, at, atadj, exemp, hsn and doc in which day-to-day business transaction required to be reported in GSTR 1 can be recorded or entered by the taxpayers.  At desired interval, the data entered in the MS-Excel worksheet can be uploaded on the GST Portal using the java offline tool which will import the data from excel workbook and convert the same into a Json file which is understood by GST portal. (

 It  has been designed to enable taxpayers to prepare GSTR 1  in  offline mode (without Internet). It can also be used to carry out bulk upload of invoice/other details to GST portal.

The appearance and functionalities of the Offline  tool screens are similar to that  of the returns filing  screens on the GST Portal.

Approximately 19,000 line items can be uploaded in one go using the java tool. In case a taxpayer has more invoice data, he can use the tool multiple times to upload the invoice data.

Data can be uploaded/entered to the offline tool in four ways:

1.  Importing the entire excel workbook to the java  tool where data in all sections (worksheets) of the excel file will be imported in the tool in one go.

2.  Line by line  data entry  by return preparer on the java offline tool.

3.  Copy from the  excel  worksheets from the top row  including the summary and  header  and pasting it in the designated box in the import screen of the  java offline tool.  Precaution: All the columns including headers should be in the same format  and have the same header as of the java offline tool.

4. Section by section of a particular return – using a .CSV file as per the format given along with the java tool. Many accounting software packages generate .CSV file in the specified format and the same can be imported in the tool.

Form No Form Description Action
Form GSTR-1 Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services effected Download

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    protected how to unprocte it please revert on this issue as early as possible.

  2. Bhimsen says:

    Learned persons may please clarify that
    whether the GST excel sheets (Templates) are to be used as in the case of TDS templates in Income Tax ?

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