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The 48th meeting of the GST Council was held on 17th December 2022. This was the longest GST Council Meeting ever and was presided over by the Union Finance Minister. The meeting focused on GST impact on the economy, GST implementation roadmap and other related issues.

The focus of the meeting was to plan the implementation of GST across the country, both in terms of central and state level. As part of the implementation roadmap, the GST Council discussed the importance of creating a comprehensive mechanism to monitor the compliance by both taxpayers and the government.

The GST Council also discussed the need to ensure effective GST compliance norms across the country. To ensure effective GST compliance, the Council discussed the creation of a Joint Working Group on GST between the Central and State Governments.

The GST Council further discussed and approved various GST-related changes. These changes included changes to the GST tax credit rules, rate changes and transfer of GST credits from the Central Government to the State Governments. These changes were made keeping in mind the rising number of GST evasion cases in the country.

In order to further streamline the GST implementation process, the GST Council decided to create a specialized GST Court. This court will hear disputes and cases related to the implementation and enforcement of the GST regulations.

The GST Council also discussed and agreed upon the need to have adequate tax administration mechanisms in the country to ensure a smooth implementation of GST. In line with this, the Council agreed to the formation of a National GST Information and Service Centre. This Centre will serve as a platform to collect, analyze, and disseminate GST related data across the country.

The GST Council also discussed the need to provide technology-enabled platforms to facilitate compliance among the taxpayers. This includes providing taxpayers with access to the GST Portal and other online services which will enable them to undertake their GST related activities in an automated and paperless manner.

The GST Council also discussed various measures to boost the economy. This includes incentives for businesses and tax reliefs to boost economic activity.

Overall, the 48th GST Council Meeting was a success. The decisions taken at the meeting will ensure that the GST implementation process goes on smoothly and without any disruptions. With the implementation of these measures, the economy is sure to benefit from the positive effects of implementing GST.

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