1. The records added (Saved /Submitted) by supplier in GSTR-1 will be available in B2B invoices and Credit/Debit Notes section under tab “Uploaded by Supplier”.

2. Select “Uploaded by supplier” tab in B2B invoices or Credit/Debit Notes section. The checkbox ahead of the records is enabled for selection only for “Submitted” records.

3, Take Action (Accept/ Reject/ Pending) on Submitted” records by selecting the checkbox and click on the Actions buttons provided below the last record of each page. The actions imply the following:

a. Accept: You as recipient accept the details as provided by supplier.

b. Reject: You as recipient reject the details as provided by supplier.

c. Pending: You want to defer the action to next tax period as you have not yet received the invoice and/or the goods & services.

4. The GST system auto-populates the default ITC eligibility as ‘input’ and default ITC availed value as the full value of the tax paid, These default values can be edited as required by the taxpayer.

5. You may also Modify the details as provided by supplier by selecting the record and clicking on `Edit button’ at the end of record. Any change in these values mark such records as ‘Modify and flow back to suppliers GSTR 1A/1.

6. It is mandatory to take actions of Accept/Reject/Pending or Modify the records submitted by your supplier.

7. The fields of invoice number, GSTIN of Supplier, place of supply (POS), flag of reverse charge, invoice type cannot be modified in auto-populated records from suppliers.

8. The saved records can be added as your records under “Uploaded by Taxpayer” tab.

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  1. Gopal Newatia says:

    My supplier has submitted his returns and uploaded the details of supply as per requirements. However under Auto-drafted GSTR 2A – Under Counter Party Submit Status it is showing as “NO”. Further under GSTR2 – B2B option, though the said invoices are appearing, I am not in a position to select or take any actions on the same. The status is also showing as no action taken. Please advice the procedure to update the same.

  2. K K Singhal says:

    My supplier have uploaded the his sales invoices but not submitted. Hence my purchase is showing in my GSTR-2 but no action can be taken by me.
    Now what I should do. May I add such invoices in add missing invoices and can claim the ITC. Please advice.

    1. T. Ravi says:

      When the invoices are matching we can add as if they are new invoices; As we are uploading them,
      the supplier has no option but to respond it

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