Today, mobile devices have high resolution, large screens, high-speed internet access and availability of sophisticated third-party software development. They have become a substitute for computers and with the advancement of hybrid devices like smartphones, netbooks and, tablets, the mobile phone trading scene has never been so rich.

The recent phenomenon of using mobile phones for trading and investing is on the rise. As the internet speeds surge rapidly together with declining connection costs, it enables brokers to provide the same urbane services over mobile platforms without compromising on latency, execution and several other features.

Today, traders are shifting towards the stock market trading app as new tools could hone their trading skills, help them gain insight and ultimately build their portfolio. The recent burst in the use of mobile devices has influenced how the brokers function in the online trading industry as the added convenience provided by mobility is very appealing to the traders, professionals or amateur. The fact that various trading instruments and financial markets are becoming increasingly accessible and chicer through additional asset classes like Futures, Binary Options and ETF’s, implies traders have much more information from several sources to keep track of. The mobile devices assist traders in bridging this information gap.

When it comes to trading or investing via mobile devices, it’s all about the apps. This offers a great opportunity to review one of the leading mobile trading applications. It is among India’s growing broking firms focussing on low-cost brokerage model. Founded by Raghu Kumar, Ravi Kumar and Shrini Viswanath, it now accounts for 2 percent of NSE’s daily turnover. The customers can place their trades on NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Backed by Kalaari Group, Mr. Ratan Tata and GVK Davix, Upstox prides itself on its cutting-edge trading platform that is built by an in-house team of engineers. Investors and traders could use the hi-tech charting tools on its Mobile platforms for analysing the markets and generate profits.

Apart from being a user-friendly and highly intuitive trading system, Upstox Pro mobile trading platform hosts loads of other features which include: 

Access without an account

It offers login-less access on its app i.e. itenables traders to explore the app without having a trading account. One needs to simply download the Upstox Pro mobile app on their android or apple devices and click the Try Live Demo, one has to only open a demat account if he/she wants to place a trade. 

Superior trading tools

They offer you sophisticated tools for helping traders in making wiser and better trading decisions. Its SPAN calculator, brokerage calculator and options builder tool are some of the several technological tools it offers to the traders. 

Trading from Charts

It offers trading from chart feature both in the mobile app as well in its website tool and displays a real-time view of the stock prices. It allows trader in tracking the stock prices and monitoring their trades on-the- go. The traders could place their trades by just clicking the price point on the chart and select the order type. 

Low-cost trading

It has a simple pricing structure. It provides free equity delivery trades and has a maximum brokerage of INR 20 for equity intraday, commodities and F&O. It also offers a brokerage calculator that makes it quite easier for calculating the charges. 

The Bottom Line

Upstox Pro assist traders in analysing the stock markets in real-time. With its cutting-edge charting tools, live market data and stock news, it is today the renowned trading and investing apps in India. Loaded with urbane and user-friendly features, low bandwidth, quick, detail watch-list, visibility on funds and much more.

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