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Common sense way of subtracting 2 dates. At many places students are required to compute number of days, months and years between 2 dates. For example in computing exemption of gratuity duration of service is required. I have seen student calculating duration of service in fingers. It is time consuming and mistake prone. Therefore to make it easy I teach them how to subtract 2 dates. Similarly in computing leave salary, sale of movable assets etc there is a requirement of subtraction of dates. I hope students will like my small efforts. Your encouragement and kindness always welcome. Thanks for watching this video patiently.

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  1. Kaushal says:

    sorry for my limited learning. Yes in depreciation exact number of days are required. What I was saying do not use this method if you are required to compute exact number of days.

  2. Kaushal says:

    Dear Sir

    In Income tax in most places days and months are ignored. Therefore we do not need exact days between 2 dates. As far as months and years are concerned they are obviously correct.

    There is only one place where exact number of days is required is Residential Status of Individual. There obviously we do not use this method.

    In last section of video I have already said do not worry about 30, 31, 29 or 28 days. We do not require exact result. For exact result you need better tools.

    Thank you for the comments to each one of you. I am a learner. Hope next time I will do better.

    Thanks and Regards.


  3. BENCY says:

    This is not a correct way . It can only be academic and good for primary class students. When an excel sheet is possible even for a 7th standard student. ) It doesn’t take the following variations on a each quarter

    Calendar quarter No No of days in No of days in
    a Qr-non-leapyear a Qr leap year

    I qr 90 91
    II qr 91 91
    IIIqr 92 82
    iv qr 92 92

    The above way is simply for primary students who is just learning subtraction. In my school days we learned to subtract Rupee Anna paisa , Miles furlongs and Yards in this way.( A rupee was 16 Anna’s – A mile is 8 furlongs and a furlong is 220 yards

  4. Udaipuria says:

    In cases of months with 31 days or particularly in case of Feb (28 or 29 days), if we take 30 days as standard, it will not give us exact result.

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