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Money can get many things, but not all of our life. Can we buy health, love and affection? Is it possible to remove a person’s pain and problems with money alone? Despite the facilities like best teaching, environment and timely food, a student fails in the exams. A man asked God, “Give me everything to enjoy life.” God replied, “I have given you life to enjoy everything.” Life can be happy without money, but not the other way round.

Passion for money is alright. Nonetheless, it’s not the end of life. Money only facilitates our life. Passion for life is desirable as one can understand and enjoy it fully. Some people live in misery though earning handsomely, but leave the world without enjoying the benefits of such wealth. Actually, money brings more happiness only when used and shared with others. Philanthropists engage in collecting and distributing the money for the welfare of others.
The purpose of money is fundamentally same all over the world: measure the value of anything in exchange. The units or names of money might vary in different countries as Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen, Rupee, etc.. Money gets various names when it changes hands depending upon the places and situations. It is an offering in a place of worship, fees in a school or college , gift in a marriage, alimony paid in a divorce, debt when borrowed, tax paid to the government, penalty remitted in a court, pension to a retired employee, salary or wages paid by the employer to the worker, the tips given after a service, ransom paid to the kidnappers, bribe when illegally collected by anybody for any service or favor done, price charged by any business for the product or service sold, etc.
Money can be stored as movable and immovable assets. Coins, Currency notes, Bank deposits, Insurance, Shares, Bonds and Bullion, etc. Are the movable type. They can be converted into cash easily. Investments in lands and buildings are immovable money that requires more time to encash. Money gets color depending on its legality. White money is the one having recognition and circulation among the public. It’s the legally accepted form. Black money is held by a few people. Its value and forms are known to the owner only. As such this money remains unaccounted and concealed from the tax authority.
With money, nobody can influence the destiny. Aging and death cannot be postponed or averted. We should not allow money to rule us: because it spoils the spirit of life itself. Jonathan Swift said, “A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.”
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