Split Contents of Cells?

Suppose you have entered the full name of a person in a particular cell and you now want to have Surname, First Name and Middle Name in three different cells. To do this, simply select the cell that contains the Full Name of the person, Click <Data>  <Text to Columns…>. This will activate the text to columns wizard (See Figure).

In step No 1 select the First radio button captioned <Delimited>, then click the <Next > button. In step No. 2, from the various types of Delimiters, select the check Box [Space]. You now see how the Full Name would be split into Surname, First Name and Middle Name. If you are fine with the display, click <Next>.

In step No. 3, amongst other things, you are asked to provide the cell address from where you would like the split text to appear. That’s it, on the main screen wizard of step Three click <Finish>. You now see the Full Name split into Surname, First Name and Middle Name in three different cells.

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  1. Vijaya says:

    I am interested in knowing how to report figures in a particular field also in words automatically through Excel. Is this possible? I have tried using formulas for this but not very successfully. Any ideas?

  2. Asha Garge says:

    VEry very useful tips. Thanks a lot for introducing this new subject .

  3. jesal jain says:

    informative… thanks

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