Many times in a list, especially so when it is imported from a database, cells down below that have same headings or subheadings are left blank for the sake of easier readability. For eg. See the screenshot below

However this creates a difficulty when such lists are required to be sorted and/or subtotaled. To fill the cells down below with the subheadings of the cells above them, do the following:

  1. Select the list

  2. Click CTRL + G.

  3. In the [Go To] dialogue box that appears, click the ‘Special’ button

  4. In the [Special] dialogue box, select ‘blanks’. This will highlight only the blank cells in the list, with focus on the 1st blank cell. See figure

  1. In the 1st blank cell, i.e. the cell with the focus, enter the formula =A2 (see figure) and press CTRL+ENTER.

  1. As a result, the blank cells down below get filled up with the subheadings immediately above them. See figure

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0 responses to “Excel Tips – How to Quickly fill Blank Cells in a list?”

  1. Sreedhar says:

    Marvelous. Very useful command to save a huge time wastage.

  2. Neelu says:

    thanks, Very useful earlier it takes much time for this.

  3. CA Pramod says:

    good, that is so usefull

  4. Krishna says:

    Very usefull. A day before I spent a full day for this working. Today I am able to do it within 5 mints.

  5. shantikumar says:

    thanks, very useful information , this will help in day to day working

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