Circular No. 41/96-Cus.
dated 5/8/96
F.No. 605/130/96-DBK
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject : Conversion of DEEC Shipping Bill to Pass Book Shipping Bills- Clarification of Circular No. 22/96-Cus. dated 19th April, 1996- regarding

Attention in invited to Ministry’s Circular No. 22/96- Customs dated the 19th April, 1996 issued from file of even number whereby instructions were issued for conversion of DEEC Shipping Bills to Pass Book Shipping Bills.

2.In view of representations received, the matter has been reconsidered and it has been decided that there should not be any objection in permitting conversion of Shipping Bills filed on or after 30th May, 1995 under Duty Exemption Scheme even in cases where imports made against Advance Licences are sought to be nullified by the exporter either by payment of duty and interest on the goods imported or where debit entry for such import against the licence is sought to be transferred against any other valid licence and DEEC. Since in such cases the licence would in effect become unutilised as far as exports against the Sipping Bill sought to be converted is concerned, the conversion could be permitted if the Assistant Commissioner of Customs is satisfied that other conditions of the Pass Book Scheme have been fulfilled for permitting credit.

3. Similarly in cases where exports against Advance Licence has been made from different ports and exporter seeks conversion of Shipping Bills only for exports made from the ports specified under the Pass Book Scheme, such conversion can be permitted by deleting relevant Shipping Bill from Part F of the DEEC. Since in such cases it would not be possible for the exporter to surrender the Advance Licence in view of Exports would be required to fulfill the export obligation against Advance Licence by making additional exports in lieu of exports made from ports specified under Pass Book Scheme which are sought to be deleted from DEEC upon conversion being permitted for claim under Pass Book Scheme.

(A.K. Madan)
Under Secretary to The Govt. of India

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