CIRCULAR N0.99/2000
30th November, 2000.

P.NO.& 05/271/2000-DBK

Sub: Alert in regard to detection of frauds.

   The issue of detection of export frauds has continuously engaged the attention of the Board. Recently, ICD, Tughlakabad has detected large number of cases of which the illustrative ones have been reported to the Board vide Commissioner, ICD, Delhi”s D.0. letter C.No.VIII(ICD)6/TKD/E.Shed/Misc./720/2000/22l46 16th November,2000. On this letter. Chairman, CBEC has observed as under

  “If 1CO, tughlakabad can detect such interesting cases of high value, I do not understand why other stations are not; able to detect any such cases. I think we should send again a general alert/ advice to field formations to activate anti smuggling units, SIB, & ClUs.”

2.   A copy of “the said D.0. letter is enclosed herewith and it is requested that all Customs Stations may take immediate steps to implement the directions of Chairman, CBEC reproduced above.


Encl: As above.

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