CIRCULAR N0.100/2000.
30th November, 2000

F.NO. 605/262/ 200O-DBK

Sub: Procedure for verification of DEPB scrips

A large number of exporters and export promotion councils have brought to thenotice of the Board that. there is considerable delay in verification of DEPB scrips at the Custom Houses. This issue has also been brought up repeatedly in all the Open Houses wherein the exporters have expressed their resentment regarding such delay and the require«ent to produce all the necessary documents required at the time of export for verification of the DEPB scrips.

2. It may be recalled that the Board had issued Circular No.14/99-Cus. dated I5.3.99 which had laid down a comprehensive procedure for verification of DEPB scrips. This Circular has also provided that such verification must be completed within 3 working days and the verified DEPB scrips should be returned to the exporters on the 3rd working day from the date of submission.

3 The issue has been examined in the Board. It is reiterated that time period of 3 days stipulated in the said Circular No.14/99 for verification of DEPB scrips should be scrupulously observed. The Commissioners may nominate a Senior Officer to ensure compliance of these instructions on a daily basis. Furthermore, the documents which are normally required at the time of export should not be required to be produced again at the time of verification of the DEPB scrips unless such details scrutiny is necessary for specific reasons which may be recorded in the file The decision to initiate such a detailed scrutiny should restt with an officer not below the rank of an AC/DC of Customs.

4. The contents of this Circular may please be brought to the notice of the staff for strict compliance.

(Sandeep Ahuja)

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