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Government of India
National Financial Reporting Authority

7th Floor, Hindustan Times House,
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi


Dated: 18.3.2021



National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA) is a statutory body set up under Section 132 of Companies Act, 2013. NFRA has been established to protect the public interest and the interests of investors, creditors and others associated with the companies or bodies corporate by establishing high quality standards of accounting and auditing and exercising effective oversight of accounting functions performed by the companies and bodies corporate and auditing functions performed by auditors. Further details can be known from the website

2. NFRA invites applications from interested and eligible retired Principal Private Secretary (PPS) / Private Secretary (PS) / Personal Assistant (PA) from Central Government Central for engagement as Consultants on contract basis in its headquarters at New Delhi, on the terms and conditions stated in Department of Expenditure OM No. 3-25/2020-E.IIIA dated 9.12.2020 (copy enclosed as Annexure III). Details of Eligibility, No of vacancies, etc. are enclosed as Annexure Format for application is enclosed as Annexure II.

3. Interested and eligible persons may submit scanned copy of their filled up applications along with self attested copy of supporting documents via email on email id latest by 15.4.2021. A hard copy of the application may be sent in an envelope superscribing the `Application for Engagement of Retired PPS/PS/PA as Consultant’ to the Secretary NFRA, 7th Floor, Hindustan Times House, 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi — 110001. In case of any change in this notice, the same will be displayed on NFRA website As such the interested persons are required to regularly visit NFRA website.

Vivek Narayan

Encl: As above.

Copy to:

1. US (Competition), MCA for kind information. it4t/New Delhi

2. IT Team of NFRA with request to put up this Vacancy Circular on website of NFRA and arrange for website of MCA and for social media accounts/handles of NFRA.

Annexure – I


1. Eligibility —

(i) Applicant should have retired as PRINCIPAL PRIVATE SECRETARY (PPS) / PRIVATE SECRETARY (PS) / PERSONAL ASSISTANT (PA) from Central Government.

(ii) His/her age should not be more than 62 years as on the closing date of receipt of applications.

(iii) His/her date of superannuation should not be earlier than 2 years as on the last date of application.

(iv) He/she should be an Indian Citizen.

(v) He/she should be a Central Government Pensioner and holding the post of Principal Private Secretary (PPS) / Private Secretary (PS) / Personal Assistant (PA) on regular basis at the time of retirement.

2. No of vacancies — Presently 1. However, NFRA will maintain a pool of selected applicants and may engage them after approval of Ministry of Corporate Affairs as and when there is a requirement.

3. Scope of Work —

(i) The applicant should be well acquainted with the functioning of Central Government Departments/Ministries and aware of various rules/regulations of Central Government;

(ii) He/she must be capable of taking dictation in shorthand and its transcription, assisting in drafting and issue of all correspondences as per direction of the officer, managing of appointments/engagements, attending to the telephone calls and receiving visitors, maintaining the papers required to be retained by the officer, destroying by shredding/burning the stenographic record of the confidential and secret letters and assisting the officer in such a manner as he /she may direct.

(iii) He /she must have very good knowledge of working on computer (MS Office software) / E-office/internet.

4. Terms and conditions

i) Terms and conditions stated in Annexure III.

ii) The Consultant will have to follow the normal working hours as prescribed. (i.e. 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM). However, in exigencies of work they may be required to sit late and / or called on Saturday /Sunday and other Gazetted Holidays. No extra allowance will be paid for the same.

iii) The Consultant may be attached with the officers of any level and he / she will have to work independently without any assistance.

iv) The service of consultant can be terminated at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. However, if the consultant is not willing to work for whatsoever reasons may be, he/she will have to give a minimum one month’s notice to the office. The decision of the NFRA shall be the final in all respects.

v) Taxes will be deducted from the remuneration / payments made as applicable from time to time.

File No.NF-12042/3/2021-ESTT-NFRA

Annexure — II

Passport size recent Coloured Photograph of applicant

Application form for vacancy of Consultant in NFRA

Application is for Engagement of Consultant from Retired PPS/ PS/ PA
(please tick)

SL No. Particulars Details to be filled by the
1.                    Name of Applicant in full
(in block letters)
2.                  Father’s/ Husband’s Name                ,
3.                    Nationality


4.                    Sex (Male/ Female)
5.                    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYY)
6.                    Age as on the closing date of receipt of application (i.e. 15.04.2021) years  months      days
7.                    Contact Details :
Present AddressEmail:Mobile No. :Land Line No.:
8.                    Permanent Address
9.                    Date of Superannuation:

Please attach the copy of Pension Order

File No.NF-12042/3/2021-ESTT-NFRA

10. Post held & Pay level (as per 7th CPC) at the time of retirement
11. Last Pay drawn & Basic Pension

(as per 7th CPC)

Attach supporting document

12. Educational qualification                  i
Attach supporting document
13. Language of typing, please specify
(English/ Hindi / Both)

14. Chronology of Service in Central government in the last ten years before superannuation

Sr. No Period Designation place of Posting, Name of the officer worked with Gist of work done

Note- Please page number the entire set of application and attach index of the documents attached.

15.Please submit References of two senior officers under whom the applicant has worked in different assignments:

Particulars to be mentioned in the References to be submitted: Name, Designation, Ministry/Department e-mail Id, Contact number of the Officer with whom the applicant has worked with.

16. Whether any minor penalty/ major penalty was imposed during last 10 years of Govt. Service and if so, the details thereof:

17. ACR Grading year wise during last 05 years prior to retirement:

Year ACR Grading

18. I hereby certify / undertake the following :-

i. I have gone through, understood and meet the eligibility criteria.

ii. The information furnished above is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

iii. I understand and agree that in the event of any information being found false OR incorrect/incomplete OR ineligibility being detected at any time before OR after selection/ interview, my candidature is liable to be rejected and I shall be bound by the decision of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs / NFRA.

iv. I have understood the terms and conditio s for engagement as Consultant in NFRA and that I unequivocally and unconditionally accept all these terms & conditions.

Signature of Applicant with date



Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

Dated the 9th December, 2020

Office Memorandum

Subject: Regulation of Remuneration in cdse of Contract Appointment of Retired Central Government Employees.

The undersigned is directed to say that Ministries/Departments appoint retired Central Government employees on contract basis, including as Consultants on contract basis. However, at present there are no uniform guidelines for regulation of remuneration in such cases.

2. The existing instructions of Department of Personnel and Training, as contained in their Central Civil Services (Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Pensioners) Orders, 1986, as amended from time to time, provide for regulation of pay in case of re-employment. However, the instructions of Department of Personnel & Training as cont ined in their OM No. 26012/6/2002- Estt (A) dated 9.12.2002 provides that re-employment beyond Ithe age of superannuation of 60 years shall not be permissible. Also, as per their OM No. 3(3)/2016-Estt (Pay II) dated 1.5.2017, the pay plus gross pension on re-employment is not to exceed Rs.2,25,000/-, i.e. Pay Level 17 as applicable to an officer of the level of Secretary to the Government of India.

3. Aforementioned instructions of Department of Personnel & Training on pay fixation in case of re-employment apply only to persons appoin d on re-employment. These are not applicable to persons employed on contract basis except wh re the contract provides otherwise. Accordingly, in cases of appointment of retired Central Govern ent employees on contract basis after the age of superannuation at 60 years, the instructions on pay fixation on re-employment will not directly apply.

4. Department of Personnel & Training has also informed that they are in the process of drafting a Note for Committee of Secretaries (CoS) regarding guidelines for engagement of retired Government servants as Consultant in Government Ministries and Department. In view of this, till Department of Personnel and Training finalizes their guidelines, there is a need to regulate remuneration in such cases of contract appointment of retired Central Government employees on a uniform basis. The matter has, therefore, been onsidered arid it has been decided that regulation of remuneration in case of appointment of r fired Central Government employees on contract basis, including as consultants, shall be regulated as provided hereinafter.

5. At the outset, such appointments shall not to made as a matter of practice and must be kept at a bare minimum. Such appointments may be made only in the justified exigencies of the official work where public interest is served by appointment of the retired employee. While making 1 such appointments, adequate functional necessit ‘ with clear grounds must be placed before the appointing authority.

6. Remuneration

6.1 A fixed monthly amount shall be admissible, arrived at by deducting the basic pension from the pay drawn at the time of retirement. The amount of remuneration so fixed shall remain unchanged for the term of the contract. There will be no annual increment / percentage increase during the contract period.


An employee retired in the Pay Level 13 and the pay at the time of retirement was Rs. 1,55,900. Thus, the basic pension will be Rs. 77,950. If the employee is appointed on contract basis, including as Consultant, the remuneration shall be fixed at Rs.77,950 (1,55,900-77950).

6.2 The basic pension to be deducted from the last pay drawn shall be the pension as fixed at the time of retirement and as such, if the employee his availed of the commuted value of pension, the commuted portion of pension shall also be incluiled in the portion of pension to be deducted. Thus, in the above example, if 40% of pension was commuted, the commuted portion shall be Rs. 31,180 (40% of 77,950) and the pension actually rawn shall be Rs. 46,770. However, the amount of pension to be deducted from the last salary sh II be Rs 77,950.

6.3 No Increment and Dearness Allowance shall be allowed during the term of the contract.

7. Allowances

7.1 House Rent Allowances

No HRA shall be admissible.

7.2 Transport Allowance

An appropriate and fixed amount as Transport Allowance for the purpose of commuting between the residence and the place of work shall be allowed not exceeding the rate applicable to the appointee at the time of retirement. The amount so fixed shall remain unchanged during the term of appointment. However, retired employees engaged as consultants may be allowed TA/DA on official tour, if any, as per their entitlement at the Ore of retirement.

7.3 Leave of absence

Paid leave of absence may be allowed at the rate of 1.5 days for each completed month of service. Accumulation of leave beyond a calendar year may not be allowed.

8. Term of Appointment

8.1 The term of appointment shall ordinarily be for an initial period not exceeding one year which is extendable by another one year. Beyond two years after the age of superannuation where adequate justification exists, the term may be extended based on a review of the task and the performance of the contract appointee, provided it shall not be extended beyond 5 years after superannuation.

8.2 The consultant shall sign an agreement of confidentiality with the Government of India containing a clause on Ethics and Integrity.

9. Exemptions

The terms of appointment provided for in these orders shall not apply to cases and to the extent where the Appointments Committee of Cabinet has allowed special terms OR where special provisions have been allowed with the approval of the Department of Personnel & Training OR Department of Expenditure,

10. These orders shall apply to appointments made in the Central Government and shall be effective from the date of issue of the orders, 1.4ntil further orders or until instructions are issued by DoPT regulating remuneration of retired aavernment employees on their engagement as consultants. The past cases shall not be reopeled in the light of these orders until the normal term of those past cases. Any relaxation of the above will be required to be referred to Department of Expenditure.

Deputy Secretary


All the Ministries and Departments of the Government of India as per the standard list.

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