There was a time, long ago, when social media was a vision that we had yet to realize. Then came Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms. Some have managed to withstand the tides of time, while others are fading with memories.

Several studies have been conducted on the effects of social media over the last decade. Its use can be felt independently in almost all areas of human life and the education sector. We will focus on how the impact and increased use of social media by students affects them.

You might be a student or working on some professional projects, but you can’t stop checking your social media accounts.

Below we have discussed the positive as well as negative impacts of social media on the education sector.


  • It Encourages Collaboration:

These platforms are a social network that encourages content sharing. They make it easy for students to collaborate on assignments or projects. You don’t have to meet physically, work together. Spread the word with hashtags on Twitter or by communicating on WhatsApp or joining groups on Facebook.

  • Improves Learning:

With the evolution of the internet, students can now access a lot of information that may not be available in their school libraries. They can communicate and exchange ideas with friends elsewhere to hone their mindset. This exposure has a significant impact on students’ non-standard thinking.

  • Increase Knowledge and Desire to Explore Technology:

We cannot ignore the speed at which technology is causing major paradigm shifts in our daily lives. More and more millennials are coming into the tech field. So by using and understanding how social media works, social media plays a role in increasing the focus on technology.

  • Facilitate Online Learning:

Different social media platforms meet or are aimed at specific audiences. Some platforms are just for communication, others offer more than just social networking opportunities. You can search and find various platforms that focus on a particular course, school, environment, etc.

The Bad:

  • There Is Chance of Distraction:

Have you ever been working on a capstone paper, cell phone in hand, and browsing social media? Well, that happened with everyone, and nobody can deny it. It can be annoying if you can spend your time on important topics like research, but you’re always online, replying to messages, commenting on photos, and so on.

  • This can be attributed to poor writing in students:

Various students use abbreviated words on social media. It gets to the point when you’re writing an essay, for example, that you can’t tell the difference between “you” and “you are.”

Abbreviations that represent sentences or emoticons do not encourage the use of appropriate writing skills.

  • Encouraging Excessive Internet Use:

Students are used to “Googling” answers, so they can’t count on finding the right solution. Exam cheating is not uncommon in many schools. Students rely heavily on the internet and their gadgets for answers to tests.

The Evil

  • Provide Room for Cyber bullying:

In today’s world, bullying is not limited to physical or verbal attacks. Social media platforms have given bullies another chance to act. Because there are no restrictions on the types of online words, some children are bullied on social media by other students.

  • Can Damage Morals:

In this modern-day era, almost everyone has social media accounts. There aren’t many filters on social media for what you post on your account. This affects a person’s behaviour, and students will engage in activities that were once disgusting but are now considered cool.


Social media’s positive and negative impact on education is not just black and white. It can distract you while studying or working. It all depends on how you decide to use it as a student.


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