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Each person makes a contribution to the society. Some get paid while some don’t. Such contribution can be through a profession, job, or business. Even leading a county’s governance is a job. Managing one’s home and any social service is not reckoned here as they are of special nature and invaluable as well. Depending on the nature of work, jobs are generally classified as White-collared and Blue-collared jobs. When a job requires more of mind power, it is a white type; Doctor, Engineer and Manager are examples for this. Any work that requires physical strength is branded as blue collar type. Whatever the category, there are some jobs that involve greater risks and troubles. Based on the hardship involved, the following are the most difficult jobs in the world.
Driver: Driving any vehicle, including an airplane requires much concentration and care for the passengers on board. It becomes a burden when the machine develops snags or breaks down during a trip. Especially, the drivers of vehicles plying in the rough terrain and extreme weather conditions face more hardship.
Traffic Police: Managing and regulating the traffic flow is a horrible job. That too during the peak hours and in the busy crossroads, it warrants patience and presence of mind. In the event of any accident or any emergency, swift action is desired. A traffic regulator should not lose his cool in the hot summer and needs to be hot when a traveler violates the rules.
Sanitation job: The Persons engaged in sewerage cleaning, garbage disposal, butchery, and mortuary, need tolerance, health and courage. They indirectly contribute to the health and happiness of the society. Suspension of their work for even a day will make a town unlivable.
Military job: Men in uniform keep vigil amid the unfriendly terrain and climatic conditions to guard the national sovereignty. They sacrifice lives and forego the pleasures to protect the civilians’ freedom. For most of their life, they stay isolated from their kith and kin. Especially, when the exigency arises, even those went on leave have to report for the duty.
Mining: Those engaged in subterranean and submarine tunnelling and construction works, not only suffer from occupational hazards but risk their precious lives. In the event of landslides, earthquakes, and continental shifts, there is no foolproof system available to protect them.
Marketing: This is yet another job requiring tremendous patience and perseverance to achieve the expected results. Without travel, skillful communication, and repeated efforts, success in marketing is not possible. An executive of a drug company waited for over two hours as the doctor was busy in attending the patients.
Administration: This means shouldering responsibility for the growth and prosperity in a congenial way. People look at the power and perks of a country’s President or Prime Minister but never visualize their pains and efforts. Many administrators and executives have little time to relax or spend time on the self.
Graveyard keeper: For any onlooker, this job seems to be easy. Nevertheless, it demands great patience and skill to perform when many corpses are in a queue. The yard keeper bears the offending smoke from the crematorium and musters courage to confront the loneliness of night.
Therefore, never mind what job you are in, do it wholeheartedly.

(Author is a Ex-Banker and can be contacted on [email protected])

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