September 30th is the Due Date for filing Income tax Returns for corporate assessees and those who come under compulsory audit. Virtually the Government of India is on a vacation, with Puja and other holidays. Yesterday was a holiday and tomorrow the banks are closed.

Last week, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, made a representation to the Chairman, CBDT requesting him to extend the due date for filing the return of income u/s 139 (1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, as most of the establishments are virtually closed on account of festivals. Representations were received from members all over the country posing the difficulties faced by them in preparing and filing the return of income by due date.

Further, ICAI has also suggested “CBDT to request the Assessing Officers not to fix the cases near to the last date of filing return of income and where the cases are already fixed up the same may be adjourned to some later date. It has been noticed that a large number of cases have been fixed up by the Assessing Officers near to the last date of filing return of income which becomes burdensome for the assessees.” (and of course the CAs)

A CA told us that there is total confusion in the Department and the assessees. Many of the assessees do not cooperate with the Auditors and they want the returns to be filed promptly and properly. It seems even now some Income tax offices are accepting the ITR V Forms. There is total confusion about TDS certificates.

We asked a former senior officer of the IT Department. He said that this is not the first time that September 30 has come. The assessees and CAs are aware of banks being closed on September 30 and they should plan their payments and returns accordingly. In any case, heavens are not going to fall.

But the trade and the CAs are really worried – for the past few days many of them have been working round the clock to meet the target and they hope against hope that the due date will be extended at least by a week. But the decision has to be announced today. All eyes on CBDT.

CBDT extended the last date for return filing to 31st October, 2009 for Pune, Sangli and Kolhapur.

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    It is well known to all Advacates,CAs & Assessees that India is a country of festival and being a democratic pattern of constitution, every caste, cread and religion have their own ways to celebrate the festivals. Thus I feel that we have to plan accordingly. At the same time, it is the duty of the Revenue to fix-up the Last date after consulting calenders of Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Parsi etc. and keep flexability in accommodating demand of masses, as it is people from whom revenue has to be collected.


    Dear Freinds,
    I am practising CA for last 26 years and is suffering with extension of Due dates for submission of Income Tax and Other Taxation and compliances due date.My experiance in this regard is not good., people are talking of festivals for last 14 days, can I ask one question,that what they were doing during last 5 months and 16 days.My belief is that only 5% of people only have genuine reasons. I think 100% pepole were aware about these these Holidaya and festivals in the month of January, when new Calenders were released. Morever due to E-Filing, Net Banking and other facilities now it became very easy to file these documents from Home, think about the days when has to stand in Q for seven to eight hours and to face Harrasment fro Dealing Clerks.I think from the next time if a continious holiday of 15 days approach, the Government should prepone the last day by 15 days to avoid uusual hopes of such people.Morever if some body want to have luxury for not comlying the due dates, they should a little extra by way of fine, penalty or Additional fees.

  3. CA Neeraj Arora says:

    Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal,

    You can file a revised income tax return making adjustments of those TDS certificates and if you have received any refund from the tax department then you have to disclose that on the Return Form.

  4. Sanjay Aggarwal says:

    Dear sir,
    Please guide to me we have submited income tax return but some tds certificate received us after the deposit of income tax return.What this tds certificate adjustment how? Please
    send us details.

  5. Jignesh Savla says:

    sept is navratri and dashera, oct is diwali and elections, nov is election result and dec is ca elections. then why not ask for an extension of six months starightaweay. and let me assure you, even then cas will be working till the last hour. i think they should train the client accordingly rather than ask for extensions all the time. they should make clients understand the issues. right now they are just dancing at clients will and clients behave as if its in the ca’s interest to file returns in time. they fail to understand that its their duty to get accounts audited abd returns submitted in time and not the ca’s.

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