As Tax Season approaches, most are looking for the right investment.

This year, Birla Sun Life Insurance moves away from the pure number game to tell the story of a single parent and his son who has just been diagnosed with autism.

Through a heart-warming narrative, Birla Sun Life highlights how security in the form of Investments can secure the future and allow parents watch their children’s dreams come true while setting something aside for the unexpected turns in life.

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With the slogan “Khud Ko Kar Buland” –Make Yourself Fearless, Birla Sun Life emphasizes the point that smart investments can give you the opportunity and impetus to go forth into the world and do what you feel is right for you and your family.

Birla-Digital-FramesThe character of Atul in the film, while a single parent is representative of the Indian Middle Class, he is hard working, diligent and does his best for his son. Atul is also supported like most Indian parents by his own parents, his son’s grandparents who step in to take care of Ashutosh while he is away at work.

The strength and support of his parents act as a metaphor for the support Atul can create for himself through sound investments and putting away money for the future. What seems like a piece of bad news at the end, where he loses his job, in fact turns into an opportunity to take up the entrepreneurial spirit and start his own business.

The world is changing and India is definitely at the forefront of that change, it’s time for each and every one of us to go forward in our business and personal lives fearlessly, with our head held high.

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