CBDT is constantly making changes in the 3CD e-return schema such as addition of new elements, changes in description, frequent changes in depreciation table, etc. Sometimes changes are done in the 3CD e-return software of the IT Dept. without changing the schema. However, information regarding the changes is not notified by IT Dept. in their website and therefore we will come to know about the changes only when error appears as ‘Invalid xml’ while uploading the e-return. Same problem arises even if the e-return is generated through the software of the IT Dept. Thereafter, we have to investigate and find out the changes in the e-return schema/software of IT Dept. and update the software. This process takes at least 8 hours time & till such time e-return cannot be uploaded. By the time updation is done by us, again error message may come as further changes have taken place in the schema/IT website.

In case of any changes in the TDS e-return file format, NSDL notifies in their website at least 7 to 30 days in advance before blocking the acceptance of e-returns prepared in old format. This practice helps Software developers to implement the required changes in advance and avoid inconvenience to users. However no such practice is followed by the IT department website and therefore users are facing difficulty in uploading the e-return due to frequent schema changes. A list of some changes made by CBDT in the 3CD e-return schema during the past 2 months is as follows:


Changes made

10th July Identification tag of Membership No, Assessment Year
11th July Stock details – Format changed
12th July Identification tag of Depreciation changed
16th July Identification tag of Depreciation changed
19th July ‘Comments’ made optional
20th July Payment to specified persons – new tag given for PAN and Nature of business. Payment date tag deleted
24th July Identification tag of Accounting Ratio changed, Depreciation – addition/deletion format changes
30th Aug Depreciation block item changes, Yes/No option given for more items
13th Sep Depreciation block identification code changed
16th Sep Schema Version no. changed, Depreciation block identification code changed again!

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0 responses to “Frequent changes in 3CD e-return schema”

  1. Vikram S Mathur says:

    I was shocked to know that version 12 of the software has been released a few days back – just when I had completed filling up the version 11 of the software! Well, I guess we all will have to learn faster !!

  2. vivek says:

    I received the same message from the it software co which i am using. Seems to have been copied from there. Though the problem is a genuine one.

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