Excel utility to Prepare Form 16 for 50 Employees for FY 2011-12

This File prepare Form 16 for 50 Employees in one go. All we have to do in enter the detail of salary of employees in input sheets and the software automatically prepares form 16 for up to 50 Employees. other benefits of the utility is as follows:-

1. Prepares Form 27A

2. Automatically prepares 24Q(4th Q) and 26Q(4th Q).

3. Prepares form 16 automatically for 50 Employees

Download Excel Utility

Developed By- Pranab Banerjee


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    hi i need the form 16 for 2011-12 year with 80ccd(2) for new pension scheme for employer contribution added column . can you plz send it to my mail id i can pay for it to you .
    mobile no. 9993462117

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