Automated Form 16 Preparation Software which can prepare at Form 16 of 50 Employees from the details of 24Q Annual Return Form.

Master Form-16 New Financial Year 2012-13 / Assessment Year 2013-14

Master Form-16 New Financial Year 2011-12 / Assessment Year 2012-13

Download Excel Utility to Prepare 24Q(All Quarters) + 26Q(All quarters) +  Form 16 for upto 50 Employees For the Financial Year 2012-13 &  Assessment  Year 2013-14

Download File to Prepare 24Q(All Quarters) + 26Q(All quarters) +  Form 16

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10 responses to “Download Form-16 with 24Q + 26Q (Annual Return) in Excel Format”

  1. Anand yv says:

    Sir I need form 26Q in excel format please guide me how to download this

  2. T.V.JAYASHANKAR says:


    Now latest excell version is changes for 4. somthing that excell for 26Q,24Q i need please how to download that

  3. Jagdev Singh says:

    Please sent a Form -16 of Income Tax

  4. Mr. Kamlesh says:

    i want my tds. certificate

  5. sanjay sinha says:

    I want Form 26Q in excell format

  6. nanasaheb jadhad says:

    thank sir yr useful information provided……………..

  7. Vinuraj says:

    I want Form 26Q in excell format

  8. s.srinivasan says:

    While trying to down load form 16A from the NSDL network, we are asked to fill up details of 3 differenct PAN numbers and their corresponding TDS amounts.
    We have cases where there are less than three deductions in a quarter and so not able to access the same and take out the form 16A( This is mainly in case of individulas/ partnership fees )
    can you please guide me

  9. ramesh goyal says:


    There are some white sell columns which are not fillable. creating a lot of problems in creating form 16. for example person responsible for deduction is not fillable. due to this the form will invalid.
    Regards. Ramesh Goyal

  10. SANDEEP VERMA says:



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