As we all aware that Form 26QB has to be file to comply with TDS section 194-IA. Various instances are seen were some or other attribute of Form 26QB is wrongly mentioned and credit of TDS deducted is not reflected in Form 26AS. Earlier online correction facility is not available hence to correct any mistake in Form 26QB tax payer needs to apply to assessing officer. But now online correction facility of Form 26QB is available on TRACES. This article will cover all the important points and procedure of online correction of Form 26QB

Important Information for “26QB Correction”:

1. Only Buyers registered on TRACES can submit request for “26QB correction” under “Statements/Forms ” Tab.

2. Fields of 26QB in which Correction is allowed as follows :

  • PAN of Buyer
  • PAN of Seller
  • Financial Year
  • Amount Paid/Credited
  • Date of Payment/Credit
  • Date of Deduction
  • Property Details –(Complete Address of the Property)
  • Total Value of Consideration (Property Value)

3. If Buyer files 26QB Correction and “Seller” is known , correction can be submitted through E-Verified (Internet Banking) /AO Approval/DSC (If Buyers DSC is registered) for updating PAN details (Buyer /Seller).

4. If Digital Signature is not registered and Buyer or Seller is non Traceable , the correction request can be submitted through AO Approval option for updating PAN details (Buyer/ Seller).

5. If Digital Signature is not registered, Buyer or Seller is known , the correction request can be submitted through E-Verified (Internet Banking) /AO Approval option for updating PAN details (Buyer Seller).

6. If PAN of Seller requires to be updated, the correction request will require “Previous Seller’s” approval.

7. If PAN of Buyer requires to be updated, the correction request will require Seller’s” and intended (New) Buyer approval.

8. If both PAN of Seller and Buyer require to be updated, the correction request will require approval from Previous Seller and intended (New) Buyer.

9. If Amount Paid/Credited is updated, the correction submitted will require Seller’s Approval.

10. Jurisdictional AO will be decided on the bases of Buyer’s PAN’s (PAN submitting the correction) Jurisdiction.

11. If user is doing 26QB correction for the First Time or Second Time in Seller’s PAN +Amount Paid /Credit, Correction request will be directly submitted for A.O. Approval.

12. If user is doing 26QB correction for the First Time or Second Time in Buyer’s PAN + Seller’s PAN + Amount Paid/ Credit request will be directly submitted for A.O. approval.

Brief steps for “26QB Correction”

Step 1: Login to TRACES website with your “User ID”, “Password” and the “Verification Code”. Landing page will be displayed on Screen.

Step 2: Select option “ Request for Correction” under “Statements/ Forms” tab to initiate correction request. 26QB checklist will display on next screen. After clicking on “Proceed” Pop-Up window will display (If DSC is not registered).

Step 3: Enter relevant “Assessment Year”, “Acknowledgement Number” and “PAN of Seller” according to filed Form 26QB, then Click on “File Correction” to submit request for correction. Request number will generate after submission of Correction Request. User can check Requested Status in “Track Correction Request” option under “Statements/ Forms” tab.

Step 4: Go to “ Track Correction Request” option under “Statements/ Forms” tab and initiate correction once the status is “Available”. Click on “Available” status to continue.

Step 5: Mention CIN details as per challan paid against 26QB then click on “Proceed” .

Step 6: User can select on “Financial Year and Tax applicable” option to change F.Y in 26QB. After clicking on “Edit” button. Message will pop up on the screen. Click on “Save” to save updated details then click on “Submit Correction Statement”(Select tab accordingly in which user want to do edit details).

Step 7: Screen will display to “Confirm details” after Submission of Correction Statement (Updated details will be highlighted in Yellow Colour).

Step 8: Profile details will be populated as updated on Traces. Click on “Submit Request” to Submit Correction Request.

Step 9: After submission of Correction Request if DSC is not registered user gets the option to validate correction through EVerified (Internet Banking) or AO Approval OR if DSC is registered user gets the option to validate correction through E-Verified (Internet Banking), AO Approval OR DSC.


  • After submitting the Correction, a Correction ID will be generated through which status of correction can be tracked.
  • If DSC is not registered, user has to submit below mentioned documents to Jurisdictional AO for verification :
    1. Furnish hard copy of Acknowledgement of form 26QB correction along with Identity Proof.
    2. PAN Card.
    3. Documents related to Transfer of Property.
    4. Proofs of payment made through Challan for 26QB.


With “E-Verified (Internet Banking) Service” user can submit 26 QB Correction statement without approval from Assessing Officer and without using DSC. (E-Verified Service option is not available for NRI Taxpayers ).

Note: The TRACES website has provide Pictorial guide for “26QB Correction” for ready reference of users. Link is as follows –

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are for information purposes only and does not constitute advice or a legal opinion and are personal views of the author. It is based upon relevant law and/or facts available at that point of time and prepared with due accuracy & reliability. Readers are requested to check and refer to relevant provisions of statute, latest judicial pronouncements, circulars, clarifications etc before acting on the basis of the above write up.  The possibility of other views on the subject matter cannot be ruled out. By the use of the said information, you agree that Author / TaxGuru is not responsible or liable in any manner for the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, errors or any kind of omissions in this piece of information for any action taken thereof. This is not any kind of advertisement or solicitation of work by a professional.

(Republished with Amendments by Team Taxguru)


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    If a buyer was unaware of the tax law to deduct 1% TDS on immovable asset sale value and defaults TDS payment by several months, what is the procedure to make the payment? Submit Form26QB online? / appraoch and seek advice from government offcial in tax department? Could you please advice?

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