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In recent years, CBDT has made efforts to rationalize the provisions and procedures of Tax Deduction at source (TDS) and Tax collected at source (TCS). The recent amendments of relaxing the due date for filing of TDS returns  was another step towards it. However, the same has not been done for TCS returns.

The provisions for filing of TCS returns are laid down under rules 31AA of Income tax Act 1961 and for TDS under rule 31A of Income Tax act 1961. The recent amendment vide Notification no 30/2016 dt 29th April 2016 has made changes to Rule 31A of the Act, however, similar changes has not been made in the provisions of Rule 31AA of the Act. Thus the TDS & TCS return filing due dates for as on date are as follows:

Quarter End TDS Return Due Date TCS Return Due Date
30th June of the Financial Year 31st July 15th July
30th September of the Financial Year 31st October 15th October
31st December of the Financial Year 31st January 15th January
31st March of the Financial Year 31st May 15th May

There has been confusion in recent days post amendment in TDS return dates that the TCS return dates has been changed too. In view of the above all the stakeholders are advised to adhere to the due dates for TCS return i.e. 15th July 2016 for quarter ended 31st June 2016 to avoid any late filing fees.

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