CBDT has yesterday posted a message on its e-filing website which is as follows :-

Updated version of Form 3CA-3CD and Form 3CB-3CD are available in the portal. Assessee may download and use the same.

This version is named as ‘FORMS_2013_PR11’ . This is the eleventh version release of offline utility. Every time the utility been updated to remove the discrepancy and bugs in the same. So if we assume that this is the last release or this version is free from all the errors and bugs then Tax Professionals got only 15 days to fill and file tax Audit Report and other Audit Reports under the Income tax Act.

CBDT should accept its own shortcomings and immediately extend the due date for filing Tax Audit Report and other Audit Reports under the Income tax Act,1961 as demanded by CA Sudhir Halakhandi vide his article titled “Due Date for E-Filing of Tax Audit Report Should be Extended Immediately “.

I would like to take few line from a song of Aashiqui 2 written by Sandeep Nath-

Sunn raha hai na tu (CBDT)

Ro raha hoon, main (Assessee / Tax professionals)

Sun raha hai na tu

Kyun ro rahi hoon main

I Would also like to add few reasons for extension submitted by one of the netizen of taxguru Mr. Ankit Rajgaria, A CA final Student from Mumbai :-

Crisp 7 Reasons to extend the due date of Filing of returns:

1. Late Enlightment of Income Tax department this year regarding furnishing of Tax Audit Reports alongwith other forms.

2. Increase in Work Load due to extensive reporting in the new format.

3. Increase in Data Entry in Exhaustive Tax Utilities devised by the Income Tax Department.

4. Constant and Consistent Revision of the utilities by the department due to errors in the utilities.

5. Even after the recent revision under version PR11, the Utilities have some errors like validation errors in Form 29B for NIL tax liability.

6. Even after the industry has accepted the changes in the new format, the helplines of the Income Tax Department are still helpless and take bytes on different e-filing cells rather than solving the queries.

7. As the professionals are working under pressure of the September Season there might be a compromise in quality of work if the date is not extended or extended  on 30.09.2013; and this is likely to happen.

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0 responses to “CBDT releases 11th version of Tax Audit utility – Sunn raha hai na tu”

  1. smuralidharan says:

    We are not cheating govt from paying taxes but we have financial difficulties

  2. CA.A.SHAMSUDHIN says:

    CBDT’s attitude is atrocious. Our fraternity should show our dissent by non cooperating ‘e initiative of the cbdt by ‘pen down’strike. Atleast our ICAI take some efforts in this regard. It seems ICAI’s voices are not at all considered by FIN MIN. if any bar council members object he will immediately amend any ACT. Why can’t we ask our CAmembers in cabinet to protest and resign (will it happen?) Objecting grave injustice done to us. We can also threaten that we will vote enmasse with our family members to NAMO in next Parliament election.

  3. Perumal says:

    Dear collegues,

    You people keep crying and CBDT keeps on releasing new versions. Now PR 12 is on the screens. Your voice has not reached the deaf and dumb CBDT and the funance minister. God only should save us.


  4. sashi bhushan says:

    dear surya,

    you are correct and it is high time for CA fraternity to raise their voice to be heard at Delhi. The so called finance minister it seems he does not have any serious commitments to attend. For any fall of share market or fall of rupee he will attend before media and try to correct the markets. hwat is his vested interest in the markets. Similarly why should he intervene in the extention date it is the situation to be solved between the cbdt and the professionals. HIs intervention is not required. CBDT it self can take a stand and extend the time.


  5. Surya says:

    Dear all professional collegues,

    Iam getting a basic doubt whether we are enjoying the democracy in India or being down trodden by the tyranny admn of CBDT and finance minister.

    Let us welcome the technical advancements and adapt ourself to so that let us stand in first row of development. But that advancement and adaption should be fool proof and concrete. If the CBDT is coming out with any changes they should plan it in advance and give time to the users to understand and adapt it . But now the situation is different . It is chnaging the utilities on daily basis. For the faults of the software provider and admn staff of cbdt the rest of the country should suffer.

    Some of the senior professionals because of this stress and tension already became patients because they can not comprise on the quality of the work at the same time cannot cope up with the forceful changes. Even the young CAs also suffering from back pains and many other ailments by sitting before the computers continuously for hours together.

    The cbdet may extent the time on last hour to cover up its mistakes and inabilities. But by that many CAs should have joined in the hospitals.
    So finally what I want to say is CBDT shou;ld anounce the extention of time till 31st oct 2013 atleast by the evening of 25th sep 2013 to avoid any untoward events. In case if it is not done the CAs and the governing body ICAI should take a strong stand on this isssue and do pen down strike, may be for the first time in the history of ICAI and should show what is the need of CAs to the progress of this country. Make your voice to be heard to the deaf and dumb CBDT and so called Finance Minister.


  6. CA Y M AGARWALA says:


  7. CA Y M AGARWALA says:

    ATTACHMENT OF DOCUMENTS, i.e, Audit report, balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss is a good idea to curb frauds practice by few persons. it is suggested that before introduction of a new system proper trainee should be given to the tax payers and tax professionals.

    avoid up dating soft ware as it disturbs the tax payers. FIRST GIVE TRAINING AND THEREAFTER INTRODUCE ANY NEW SYSTEM FOR TAX COMPLIANCE.

  8. Aloke Kumar Ghosh says:

    Dear Mr. Nagaraja

    I have gone through the letter as has been uploaded through Taxguru and it is very appropriate and proper and we all feel that it would be just and proper for the Government to take immediate steps either to rectify or to do something so as to make people comfortable in filing the returns and tax audit report. It is beyond our knowledge that what has prompted the department /Government to introduce such a harassing scheme for filing without taking proper opinion poll from the tax payer who will be the ultimate sufferer.

    I dont feel that this letter or remarks so made shall open the closed eyes of the Government

    Aloke Ghosh, Advocate

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