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F. No. 385/17/2016-IT (B)

Dated: 6th January, 2017

Dear Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,

Subject: Review of position of cash collection from current demand- Achievement of Action Plan target.

As you are aware, the Central Action Plan, 2016-17 has fixed the target of cash collection out of current demand as 20% of the current demand raised during the year. In this regard. a review of the current demand raised in various Regions up to November. 2016 was carried out and the position in respect of various Pr. CCsIT is given in the attached chart. It may be noted that at the all-India level, current demand of Rs.97,033 crore has been raised till November, 2016. after reducing the pre-paid taxes amounting to Rs.59,410 crore. At the rate of 20% of the net current demand, an amount of Rs.19.407 crore needs to be recovered collectively from demand raised till November. 2016. The targets for various Pr. CCIT Regions are separately provided in the chart enclosed.

2. Since the current demand raised till November, 2016 has fallen due now, all efforts must be made to make recoveries therefrom in the light of Instruction No. 1914 dated 03.1996 read with Office Memorandum dated 29.02.2016 on the subject. At the beginning of February, 2017, the current demand raised in the month of December, 2016 will also fall due and recoveries therefrom would also have to be made as per the Central Action Plan target so as to meet the overall annual target of 20%.

3. It may be reiterated that the time-barring date of scrutiny assessment was advanced to 31st December with the objective to provide the assessment units with a dedicated quarter for recovery of demand raised. The Action Plan targets for collection out of current demand have been fixed liberally in the light of the additional dedicated time available for recovery. You are requested to ensure that concentrated measures are taken forthwith to collect current demand to the maximum extent feasible under the extant guidelines for recovery of demand and at least the Action Plan target must be fully met by the end of the financial

Your Sincerely

(Sushil Chandra)

Enclosure: As above.

All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income Tax

Position of current demand available for collection at the end of November, 2016

(in Rs. Crore)
CCIT/DGIT REGION A. Demand raised from
1st April
B. Reduction by way
of prepaid taxes
C. Net current demand
raised (A-B)
Target of cash collection
as per Central Action Plan
2016-17 (20% of net
current demand raised)
Pr. CCIT (INT. TAXATION), NEW DELHI 6496.63 589.89 5906.74 1181
Pr. CCIT, MUIVIBA1 19862.03 233.58 19628.45 3926
Pr. CCIT, GUJARAT 15136.38 9676.35 5460.03 1092
Pr. CCIT, AP &TELANGANA 5905.77 4021.47 1884.3 377
Pr. CCIT, RAJASTHAN 782.04 295.98 486.06 97
Pr. CCIT, NAGPUR 1498.15 1353.65 144.5 29
Pr. CCIT, PUNE 14716.82 8354.69 6362.13 1272
Pr. CCIT, UP WEST AND UTTARAKHAND 4222.6 984.2 3238.4 648
Pr. CCIT, LUCKNOW, UP EAST 1572.07 283.36 1288.71 258
Pr. CCIT, BHOPAL 5062.36 988.77 4073.59 815
Pr. CCIT, BENGALURU 12850.66 8604.34 4246.32 849
Pr. CCIT, TAMIL NADU 13858.8 12436.84 1421.96 284
Pr. CM, KERLA 7086.99 6300.67 786.32 157
Pr. CCIT, BHUBANESWAR 785.56 296.26 489.3 98
Pr. CCIT, NER 920.55 832.13 88.42 18
Pr. CCIT, WEST BENGAL & SIKKIM 5730.43 2835.01 2895.42 579
Pr. CCIT, BIHAR AND JHARKHAND 970.83 424.37 546.46 109
Pr. CCIT, DELHI 36620.24 197.25 36422.99 7285
Pr. CCIT, NORTH WEST REGION 2364.45 701.32 1663.13 333
Grand Total 156443.35 59410.11 97033.23 19407

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