F.No. 17/03/2016/MIS/DOMS/3251
Government of India
Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue
Directorate of Income Tax
(Organisation & Management Services)
Level-5, East Block-2,
R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066.
Tel. No.: 011 – 26170970 Fax No.: 011 – 26185607
Email: dit.doms@incometax.gov.in
Dated: – 19th January, 2017(Thu).

The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA),
Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), North West Region, Gujarat, MP & Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka & Goa. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, AP & Telangana, Odisha, North East Region, West Bengal & Sikkim, Bihar, & Jharkhand, International Taxation(Delhi).

Sir / Madam,

Subject: Analysis of CAP-II reports regarding the no. of assessees, filing of returns etc. and the discrepancy in the reports as on 31/12/2016 – Reg.

Ref.: Our letter F.No.17/8/2012-MIS-DOMS/1244 dated 04/01/2013. Kindly refer to the above.

2. The analysis of the CAP-II reports shows various serious discrepancies regarding the of assessees, filing of e-returns and paper returns and the total no. of returns filed which was also indicated in the earlier letter of the Pr. DGIT(Logistics) as referred above(copy enclosed).

3. It is observed that the serious discrepancies are still continuing in the CAP-11 reports which may be at level of the AOs and also may be because the data is not generated properly from the AST and an analysis of the CAP-II reports of all the Pr.CCIT regions is enclosed and marked as Annexure-A.

4. It is also observed that there are still some AOs who are submitting either NIL figures or figures which are apparently not correct and the sample analysis of the CAP-II reports of 5 Pr. CCsIT Regions are as under:

SI. No. Pr. CCIT
No. of
as on 31/12/2016
No. of E-
No. of Paper
Total No. of Returns Filed Percentage of
Returns filed
1. Delhi 25,17.902 1,80.685 35,109 2,15,794 8.57%
2. Mumbai 41.90,212 7.948 27,686 35,634 0.85%
3. WB & Sikkim 27,36,481 13.73,943 2.01,930 15,75,873 57.59%
4. Tamilnadu 34,78,061 20,40,671 1,32,538 21,73,209 62.48%
5. Karnataka & Goa 25,29,703 6,59,033 35,985 6,95,018 27.47%

5. It is requested that necessary directions may be issued to all the AOs / concerned officers that the necessary data regarding the no. of assessees, filing of returns (e-filed & paper returns) may be filed accurately after duly accessing the data from the System.

6. The data relating to the returns filed through electronic filing is only available in AST and AOs portal and the procedure to retrieve that the same is as under:


7. It is observed that the CAP-II reports of your region for the month of December 2016 are apparently not correct and accordingly it is requested to verify and rectify the same immediately and re-submit latest by 25/01/2017.

Your Faithfully,

(Mohsin Aslam)

Addl. Director General(DOMS) New Delhi

Encl.: As above.

Copy to: Director, Data Base Cell for uploading on website www.irsofficesonline.gov.in

(Mohsin Alam)

Addl. Director General(DOMS)

New Delhi

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