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In Re Booz & Company (Australia) Pvt. Ltd (AAR)

AAR held that  various factors have to be taken into account to decide a Fixed place PE which inter alia includes a right of disposal over the premises. No strait jacket formula applicable to all cases can be laid down. Generally the establishment must belong to the Employer and involve an element of ownership, management and authority over the establishment. In other words the taxpayer must have the element of ownership, management and authority over the establishment.

The essential features of “business connection” may be summed up as follows :

(a) a real and intimate relation must exist between the trading activities carried on outside India by a non-resident and the activities within India;

(b) such relation shall contribute, directly or indirectly, to the earning of income by the non-resident in his business;

(c) a course of dealing or continuity of relationship and not a mere isolated or stray nexus between the business of the non-resident outside India and the activity in India, would furnish a strong indication of ‘business connection’ in India.

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