Eligibility condition for deduction in respect of life insurance policies

Section 80C of the Income-tax Act provides that in computing the total income of an assessee, being an individual or an HUF, a deduction of up to one lakh rupees for life insurance premia, contributions to any provident fund, tuition fees, subscription to any deposit scheme of a public sector company engaged in financing, construction or purchase of houses in India for residential purposes, fixed term deposits of not less than five years with a scheduled bank, etc., is allowed.

The existing provisions contained in section 80C(3) provide that the deduction for life insurance premium shall be allowed for only so much of any premium or other payment made on an insurance policy as is not in excess of 20% of the actual capital sum  assured.

It is proposed to amend the provisions to provide that the deduction for life insurance premium as regards insurance policies issued on or after 1st April, 2012 shall be allowed for only so much of the premium payable as does not exceed 10% of the actual capital sum assured.

It is further proposed to insert the definition of “actual capital sum assured” so as to provide that the actual capital sum assured in relation to a life insurance policy shall be the minimum amount assured under the policy on happening of the insured event at any time during the term of the policy, not taking into account— (i) the value of any premiums agreed to be returned, or (ii) any benefit by way of bonus or otherwise over and above the sum actually assured, which is to be or may be received under the policy by any person. This amendment has been proposed to ensure that the life insurance products are not designed to circumvent the prescribed limits by varying the capital sum assured from year to year.  This definition is also referred to in the proposed Explanation 2 in section 10(10D).

These amendments will take effect from 1st  April, 2013 and will, accordingly, apply in relation to the  assessment year 2013-14  and subsequent assessment years.

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  1. M.S.Rajaram,Puducherry says:

    The overall ceiling of Rs.1 lac under ch iv deductions may be modified to include actual commitments on savings schemes including health insurance for self,family dependent members in all individual cases. Dependency of earning members may be defined for avoidance of duplications of benefits. Instead of allowing complicated saving clauses a overall income tax levy @10%uniformly upto income of 10lac may be considered.Beyond this 20% maybe considered upto 1cr. Above this income the tax may be @30%. Nil taxing may be considered upto 5 lac irrespective of any category of citizen.

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