The following online services are available at the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department for returns filed electronically (Logon to with your user id and password)

1. History of e-filed returns

You can view all your e-filed returns by Acknowledgement number, along with all status details like receipt of ITRV, processing status, etc. To view E-Filing history, log on to e-filing –> My Account –> My Returns ⁄ Form.

2. View Status of Demand ⁄ Refund

The status ⁄ outcome of the processing of your return as refund ⁄ demand along with reasons of refund failure, if any can be viewed at My Account–> Refund ⁄ Demand Status. The refund issued can also be tracked at

3. Details of Outstanding Tax Demand

Details of outstanding tax demand is available at ‘E-file’ tab –> Response to outstanding demand. A response can be submitted for Agreeing ⁄ Disagreeing to each of the demands along with details at ‘E-file’ tab –> Response to outstanding demand.

4. View Form 26 AS Statement

The annual consolidated credit statement, which is provided to the assessee having details of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Tax Collected at Source (TCS), Advance Tax ⁄ Self-Assessment Tax ⁄ Refund paid during that year. You can also view your tax payment details in Form 26AS at My Account –> View Form 26AS ( Tax Credit)

5. Request for Re-issue of Order u/s 143(1) and 154

If the Income Tax Return has been processed at CPC, then an online Request for resend of the Orders u/s 143(1) and 154, can be raised on the e-filing website at My Account –> Request for intimation u/s 143(1) and 154.

 6.Refund Re-issue request

If the Income Tax Return has been processed and refund determined has failed to reach the taxpayer, then an online Request for refund re-issue along with the required information can be raised at My Account –> Refund Reissue request.

7. File Rectification

You can file a rectification application u/s 154 for e-filed Income Tax Return processed at CPC. To file a rectification go to My account –> Rectification request.

8. Submit Grievances and Know Status of Grievance

You can register your grievances related to CPC at Helpdesk –> Submit Grievance with respect to ITRV, Processing, Rectification, Refund or Communication, and check the status and view the resolution online.


The FAQ document related to services is available for easy reference . Go to Help tab –> FAQs.


For queries and further information on e-filing and CPC, please contact:
E-filing Call Centre : 1800-4250-0025 (Toll Free)
CPC Call Centre: 1800-425-2229 / 1800-103-4455 (Toll free) or 080-22546500

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  1. Anonymus says:

    Firstly hatts off to you sir for good information and timely updates to us professionals.

    I agree with Mr.Ulhas Agnihotri for addingup the 143(1) summary to the portal so as to enable the Tax Proffessionals as the Clients harldy use or operate there mails. Ultimately we land up in soup.

  2. TS Gupta says:

    Though the department asked for secondary email id, no communication is sent as a copy. The secondary email id is given mostly of the consultants of the assesse and if the copy is sent, timely compliance can be made by the assessee when it is monitored by the consultants, and the most of the assesses are not net savvys

  3. Ulhas Agnihotri says:

    It is suggested that the Income Tax department should also display intimation u/s 143(1) on its website under login of each PAN number in addition to above facilities so that it will remain at one place. There will be no need to ask for re-issue of such intimations. Presently, one has to keep track of such intimations from time to time. If taxguru can forward this issue, it will help every one.

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